India's Best Dancer 3 8th April 2023 Written Update, Episode 1, Auditions

India's Best Dancer 3 8th April 2023 Written Update, Episode 1, Auditions

India's Best Dancer 3 8th April 2023 Written Update, Episode 1, Audition Winners, Selected Contestants, Judges, Hosts, Mentors, Best Performers, Dancers, Voting, Watch the full show online on Sonyliv

India's Best Dancer 3 8th April 2023 Written Update

Today's India's Best Dancer 3 8th April 2023 episode starts with the judges of the IBD Season 3 making their appearance on the stage and taking their positions for the auditions.

Kathak Queen Hanvi

Judge Sonali Bendre says that the IBD judges had been known as ENT specialists which stands for Entertainment, Newness, and Technique respectively, and in season 3 they will be introducing another E which stands for emotions.

Beginning with these words the judges call IBD Season 3 first contestant Hansvi Tonk from Haridwar who performs Kathak and Mujra, stealing judges' hearts in 90 seconds which judge Terence Lewis gave her to show her 3 best moves.

Hansvi earns a standing ovation with the buzzer from all three judges and judges Geeta Kapoor gives her the IBD batch.

Next comes two best friends Norbu and Sushmita to show their moves to the judges.

Norbu performs first on the song Dil Diyaan Gallan and Judge Terence gives remarkable compliments to him.

Thereafter, Sushmita is called for her performance with her dance style popping, and animation.

Sushmita earns a standing ovation from Judge Geeta Kapoor and judges Norbu on the stage.

Sonali starts teasing the two of them for the "Just Friends" tag relationship and hints to Norbu that she also married her best friend.

Further, Sonali asks the two of them to present a performance together which impresses everyone.

Judges give buzzer to both of them and ask them to give the batch to each other.

Samarpan's cuteness entertains Judges

Moving on to the next contestant, Samarpan presents his fusion of contemporary style earning buzzers from all the judges.

As the word "SELECTED" flashes on the screen, Samarpan keeps staring at it with an unbelievable expression. 

Terence goes on the stage to give him the IBD batch while Samarpan stares at him with an amazed look.

As a token of gift, Terence gives Samarpan his chain which he is wearing along with the batch.

Samarpan's comic element and his cuteness entertain the judges a lot.

After Samarpan, Akshay makes goosebumps rise on the judges' skin with his performance and earns the buzzer from the judges amidst his performance.

Akshay narrates his struggle story of how from being famous, his career went down the slope.

Judges encourage him and give him their best wishes.

Next comes Debparna Goswami, whose flexibility impresses judges which gets her selected for the Mega auditions.

Shivanshu's amazing moves!

Shivanshu comes next to perform Kathak and freestyle fusion and his elegant moves take away judges' hearts with them.

Sonali compliments Shivanshu for fusing 6 dance styles effortlessly touching judges very closely near their hearts.

Terence reveals that he has taken some training from Shivansh when Geeta asks Shivansh if he has ever taken any workshop under Terence.

Geeta requests Terence perform with Shivansh which enchants everyone.

Next comes Anjali from Uttarakhand to fulfill her wish of becoming the world's best girl dancer.

Anjali's dance moves impress the judges, earning her the IBD batch, and Judge Terence tells her that he loves her.  

End of today's IBD 3 8th April 2023 written update.

India's Best Dancer 3 8th April 2023 Episode 1, IBD Season 3 Written Update

India's Best Dancer season 3 is making its entry into the Sony TV schedule with its first episode airing on 8th April 2023, Saturday at 8 PM.

The latest promo for this weekend's India's Best Dancer 3 (8th April 2023) shows a glimpse of host Jay Bhanushali and Judges Terence Lewis, Geeta Kapoor, and Sonali Bendre welcoming the viewers and all the people who have come for an audition on the journey to India's Best Dancer (IBD) season 3.

Many performances such as Akshay's robotic one earn a salute and standing ovation from Judge Terence while Hansvi's classical dance makes Geeta Maa her fan.

Another promo for this weekend's IBD 3 (08-04-2023) also shows contestants Ranodip, Samarpan, and Debparna wowing the judges and the audience with their absolutely stunning skills and getting a pass for the further round into Top 12.

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