India's Best Dancer: Subhranil Paul's Nostalgic performance

India's Best Dancer: Subhranil Paul's Nostalgic performance

India's Best Dancer Performances Subhranil Paul dance latest updates:

In the latest episode of Sony TV's India's Best Dancer, contestant Subhranil Paul, Choreographer Pankaj Thapa, and Super Dancer Akash Thapa gave an absolutely mindblowing and nostalgic performance.

In India's Best Dancer vs Super Dancer Special round of India's Best Dancer, Subhranil Paul, talented choreographer Pankaj Thapa and Super Dancer 3 contestant Akash Thapa performed on the song 'Hossana'. The plot was them being students who had a crush on their teacher, Nora.

The judges of India's Best Dancer 2020, Geeta Maa, Terence Lewis, and Mora Fatehi complimented the performance by giving it a full score. Nora said that the body movements were very clean and that she could not find any mistakes in the performance. Further, Geeta said that she loved the titli moment and overall simply loved the performance.

Later, Akash said that he remembers when he worked with Subhranil in the past and how much he learned from him. Terence would say that he loves how people who are behind the curtain are coming out and showing their talents.

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