Internet Wala Love Written Update 5th February 2019

Internet Wala Love Written Update 5th February 2019

Internet Wala Love 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update:

Today's Internet Wala Love 5 Feb episode starts with Jai and Aadhya at Subhakar and Roopa’s house respectively. Subhankar and Roopa take Jai and Aadhya’s phone respectively.

Dadu sends Vihaan away and gives the room to Aadhya. Jai gets Aadhya’s room. Diya leaves the room for Jai.

Jai imagines Aadhya sitting next to him. Suddenly, Aadhya disappears. Jai rushes to find Aadhya but finds that he is locked. Aadhya comes in via the window. Jai thinks that he is hallucinating but later realizes that she is Aadhya. They both wish all the best for the task.

Next morning, Jai is dreaming about Aadhya but finds Subhankar Ji.

Dadu and Dadi wish Aadhya all the best for handling Roopa. Roopa calls Aadhya and hands over the recipe for Bhujiya. She asks her to prepare for the food inspector.

Subhankar Ji allots some jobs to Jai. He asks him to starts with carrying water. He stands in a queue to submit electricity bill. He stands all day but couldn’t submit it.

Food inspector comes to Mittal house.

Aadhya works as per the recipe. She finds herself jammed. She calls Jai for help.

The written update of 5 February 2019 Internet Wala Love episode full story ends.

Upcoming Internet Wala Love episode update: Jai comes for help.  Aadhya and Jai’s cook together.   

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