Jhanak 10th March 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 10th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Jhanak 10th March 2024 episode starts with Media coming to Basu's party after which they take Arshi and Ani's interview about their upcoming marriage.

They ask Arshi how will she manage her career after marriage then Arshi tells them that she wants to maintain work work-life balance and look after her family at the same time which impresses media people.

Then, they ask Ani how is feels about marrying such a huge choreographer like Arshi after which Ani tells them that he is on cloud nine.

Meanwhile, Arshi's dad asks Shrishti why she called Tejas to the party after which she tells him that Tejas was forcing her to call in the function as he was also in the same city.

Just then, Tejas asks for everyone's attention and says that he wants to show Kashmiri rituals to everyone through a video whereas Jhanak, Choton, and Ani become worried.

Jhanak wonders what Tejas is going to do while Arshi is excited to see her own culture after which Tejas plays the video of Ani and Jhanak's wedding.

Everyone is surprised to see the truth Ani's dad asks Tejas what is the truth after which Tejas says that the truth is in front of everyone.

Shrishti comes there and yells at Ani and cancels the wedding whereas Arshi asks Ani why he deceives her after which Ani says that he was trying to tell her the truth since they were in Kashmir.

Jhanak comes there and asks Arshi to not make any wrong decisions by looking at the things wrong way while Kaaki and everyone ask why Ani married Jhanak.

Bipasa asks Ani why didn't he not disclose the truth while Appu gets happy and says that Jhanak is married to Ani.

She says that even she saw from her own eyes that Ani put vermillion in Jhanak's forehead after which Bipasa is about to slap her but Bado maa yells at her and takes Appu to another room.

Tejas asks everyone to ask the truth from Ani while Arshi's dad also asks Shrishti to not cancel the wedding and listen to Ani and give him one chance to Ani.

Arshi pushes away Jhanak whereas Shrishti asks Kaaki that earlier she called Pandit and did Jhanak's wedding on video call then who was that man who was on the other side?

After that, Arshi yells at Ani and says that it was him while Jhanak says that she never wants to interrupt Ani and Arshi's life while Tejas asks Jhanak to come along with him to Kashmir as he still wants to marry her.

Ani gets angry and says that he will never send Jhanak after which Arshi asks him why is he feeling bad and everyone taunts Ani for deceiving Arshi.

Shrishti says that Arshi has many better options than Ani while Arshi's dad asks Jhanak why did not she tell the truth earlier.

Jhanak does not say anything while Tanuja asks Laal to throw Jhanak out of their house whereas Kaaki says that first, they will decide on Ani and Jhanak's marriage and then think about another thing.

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