Jhanak 12th March 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 12th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Jhanak 12th March 2024 episode starts with Bado maa asking Jhanak to look after herself whereas Shrishti asks Arshi if she still wants to marry Ani.

Arshi refuses and says that she cannot marry Ani as he has already married Jhanak so how can she come between them.

On the other hand, Jhanak decides to end her marriage with Ani after which Bado maa says that if she does it Tejas will try to marry her.

Jhanak says that no one can force her without her concern after which Bado maa says that they will force her to do the things that they want.

Bado maa asks Jhanak to take care of herself otherwise Basu will spoil her life and she says that she is feeling regret as she is helpless that she cannot help Jhanak.

She says that Jhanak and Ani have done a lot for Appu but she is not able to help Jhanak in return.

Jhanak assures her that nothing wrong will happen with her as she is a strong woman after which Bado maa motivates her saying after her ad gets published then no one will dare to say anything against her.
On the other hand, Arshi’s father takes Ani’s stand in front of Arshi and asks her to give another chance to Ani but Shrishti scolds him for supporting Ani.

Shrishti says that their daughter is foolish as she trusts Ani easily after which Vinayak decides to cancel the wedding whereas Shrishti decides to remove Jhanak from their life.

After that, Arshi goes into her room and decides to end her life by eating poison after which she receives calls from Ani then she puts the poison aside.

She picks up Ani’s call after which he justifies himself in front of Arshi and tells her that Tejas is very dangerous.

Ani confesses that he only loves her and requests her to not break the wedding but Arshi says that he has deceived her so how can she forgive him.

Then, Ani justifies her by telling everything to her saying that whatever has happened so far it was not planned.

He says that he was trying to tell all these things to her a long but never got an opportunity to tell her but Arshi says that she is tired.

Ani asks her to sleep well after which he cuts the call while Arshi cries a lot thinking about all the things that have happened so far with her.

Arshi recalls every time that she spent with Ani after which she also recalls that Ani married Jhanak and she murmured what was missing in her that he married Jhanak instead of her.

She cries her lungs out and thinks that her image has been ruined in front of the whole society after which she eats the poison and writes the letter suddenly she falls unconscious while Ani again tries to call her. 

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