Jhanak 13th March 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 13th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Jhanak 13th March 2024 episode starts with Arshi deciding that she will commit suicide so that her family can take strict action against Jhanak.

She thinks that if she does so then Ani will also not be able to save her this time so she drinks poison.

Meanwhile, Ani again tries to call Arshi but she gets unconscious and her phone keeps on ringing which makes Ani anxious as she does not pick up his call.

Later, he sends a voice note to her saying that he loves her a lot and cannot live without her.

After that, he thinks that he cannot leave Jhanak alone as Tejas will harm her and says that he has told every truth to Arshi.

On the other hand, the police come to Ani’s home and ask for Jhanak after which Bipasa calls her.

Police arrest Jhanak after which Ani asks for the arrest warrant then Police show him the proof and Tanuja says that finally, Jhanak will go away from her son’s life.

Ani says that he will fight for Jhanak and not let her go easily after which Jhanak asks him to look after Arshi and start his new life with her.

Police arrest her and take away from her while Tejas comes there after which Jhanak asks the Police to not arrest her as she is ready to go back to Kashmir along with Tejas.

Police leave her while Tejas invites Basu to come to his and Jhanak’s wedding after that he especially invites Ani.

Ani looks at Jhanak while she feels bad after which Tejas takes away Jhanak from there.

Meanwhile, Jhanak dreams of all these things and that Tejas has married her for his advantage after which she suddenly wakes up.

Just then, Ani comes into her room and asks her what happened after which she tells about her worst nightmare to him.

She blames him for everything and says that he is responsible for the things that are happening in the Basu family.

Jhanak asks him to look after Arshi but he does not say anything after which she tells him that she is not his responsibility.

On the other hand, Tanuja calls Shrishti and tells her that they are going to remove Jhanak’s vermillion ritual so she invites her.

Shrishti refuses and says that Arshi is very upset after which Tanuja says that Tejas has come to take away Jhanak.

Then, Shrishti gets convinced and asks her to inform her when they leave for the ritual whereas Jhanak and Ani argue.

Tanuja tells Shrishti that she wants Arshi to break Jhanak’s shakha and remove her vermillion while Shrishti says that she will talk about this to Arshi.

Ani tells Jhanak that he cannot let her go with Tejas at any cost which provokes Jhanak’s anger and she requests him to not do anything for her while he says that no one can take her anywhere without his permission.

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