Jhanak 14th December 2023 Written Update

Jhanak 14th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Jhanak 14th December 2023 episode starts with Anirudh requesting Thammi to let Jhanak stay in the house to which she hesitates but agrees eventually.

Everyone is shocked at Anirudh's concern after which Shrithi says that they all are committing a mistake but Thammi says that they will talk later.

Jhanak is then taken upstairs to her room when Shrishti goes to Arshi and says that they should leave immediately.

Anirudh stops Arshi and says that it is very important for them to talk to which she agrees angrily and asks Shrishti to leave as she will join her later.

Bipasha and Tanuja take Jhanak inside her new dusty bedroom, asking her not to get used to this lavish living as she is not going to be here for long as Anirudh and Arshi fought due to her.

They also tell her to forget about her studies and only focus on the household work as she was a maid in her old house.

Jhanak says that she can leave immediately if they don't consent to her living over here to which they reply that she can play this sympathy card somewhere else and shut up as she trapped Anirudh in her charm.

Meanwhile, Jhanak says that she is not going to accept a fault that isn't hers, making Bipasha say that Jhanak should shut up.

Abu comes and tells Jhanak that Bipasha and Tanuja are not to be taken seriously to their face.

Meanwhile, Anirudh tells Arshi that he cannot leave Jhanak with Tejas as he is not a good person to which Arshi says that he should just accept his fault so that they can move forward.

Anirudh says that he loves Arshi but he just wants to help Jhnak as she is Arshi's sister to which Arshi says that they will talk later.

Anurudh stops her and says that he will not let her go until everything is resolved between the two.

Back in the dusty room, Abu tells Jhanak that she likes her a lot and then inquires about her family which makes Jhanak upset.

Jhanak starts crying when Abu holds her and says that they should go upstairs, as they move towards the terrace Abu tells Jhanak that she's ill and that is why she can't get married.

Meanwhile, Anirudh and Arshi have resolved their issues and are about to kiss when Abu and Jhanak accidentally enter their room.

Abu says while laughing that they both are being Lovey Dovey even before marriage.

Anirudh scolds Jhanak that she should knock before entering while Arshi says that Jhanak never accepts her mistake.

Abu says that everyone only scolds Jhanak and then says that whenever Anirudh is with Arshi, he gets mean and they will come when she is gone and play a lot.

Arshi leaves angrily while Anirudh tries to stop her.

Elsewhere, Shritshi is ranting at Vinayak and Arshi that Jhanak is not a good person and has ill intentions.

She then says that Jhanak should live with them as they can be made a good maid which angers Vinayak and then asks how can Shrishti be so mean towards Jhanak knowing that she is so talented.

Shritshi tells Arshi to separate Anirudh and Jhanak very quickly as it will not act in her favor.

End of Jhanak today's episode written update. To download Janak Hindi Serial all episodes or watch today's full episode (14 December 2023) online, go to hotstar.com

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