Jhanak 14th March 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 14th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Jhanak 14th March 2024 episode starts with Tanuja and Kaaki ji coming into Jhanak's room and asking her to get ready.

Meanwhile, Aniruddha overhears their conversation secretly whereas Kaaki tells Jhanak that today they will remove her vermilion and break the Shakha on the ghat.

Jhanak says that she will remove the vermilion right now after which Tanuja stops her and says that they will do it with all the rituals so that she cannot apply it again in the future.

Ani murmurs that they can follow this ritual at home also then why are they taking her to ghat and wonders if there is something else going inside Tanuja's mind.

Jhanak tells them that she will get ready for the rituals in five minutes whereas Shrishti knocks at Arshi's door but she does not open the door which makes Shrishti anxious and she starts crying after that Vinayak comes there.

Vinayak asks Shrishti what happened after which she tells him that Arshi is not opening the door so he also tries to open the door but they fail whereas Shrishti calls Ani and informs him about this thing.

Ani becomes worried whereas Shrishti gives him a warning that if anything wrong happens to Arshi then she will send both him and Jhanak to jail after which Ani goes to Arshi's house.

In the meantime, Tanuja bursts at Jhanak and asks why didn't she die which makes Jhanak and Bado Maa feel bad but they don't say anything whereas Shrishti asks Vinayak to break the door.

Vinayak asks her to keep some patience and he calls the doctor and asks the maid to go from the back window in Arshi's room just then Ani reaches there and he asks Arshi to open the door.

On the other hand, Tanuja and Basu regret allowing Jhanak to live in their home while Ani's father says that if anything wrong happens to Arshi then he will send Jhanak behind bars for the crime of attempting to murder.

Meanwhile, Bipasa and Tanuja also go to Arshi's home whereas Ani breaks the lock of Arshi's room and the doctor also comes there while Ani succeeds in opening the door.

After entering the room, Ani notices the jar of sleeping pills and the doctor says that there is nothing to worry about as she has taken an overdose of sleeping pills whereas Bado maa asks Jhanak to not get tensed as god is there to look after Arshi.

Tanuja also reaches Arshi's house after which Shrishti says that Ani is responsible for everything whereas Arshi responds to the doctor's treatment.

However, Jhanak feeds food to Appu while Kaaki ji comes and says Jhanak is an evil soul for her family as due to her Arshi's health is deteriorating.

Mukherjee takes Arshi to the hospital whereas Appu and Badomaa take a stand for Jhanak after which Kaaki says that Bado supports the people whom they hate.

Bado maa takes a stand for Jhanak and says that she is not responsible for anything so no one should blame her.

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