Jhanak 15th January 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 15th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Jhanak 15th January 2024 episode starts with Chotun informing Anirudh that he saw Jhanak leaving on the bus and going to a hotel to meet some people from her village.

Anirudh panics and he knows that she is going to meet Tejas and leave with him.

He requests Chotun to follow Jhanak as fast as possible and tells him to inform the local police as well while Chotun is confused and asks why is he asking him to do this.

Anirudh shouts at Chotun and informs him that the people she is going to meet are not good and might hurt Jhanak badly.

Chotun finally rushes to hail a cab and follow Jhanak who is long gone.

Meanwhile, Tejas is talking to a man on the and orders him to not tell anyone about his plans with Jhanak.

He also mentions that there is no need for him to kidnap Jhanak as she will come to him herself and she knows that he will keep her like Queen unlike the Basu’s who treat her like a servant.

On the other hand, Anirudh is in his car hurrying toward Jhanak’s location while he informs the police that Jhanak has been abducted and they need to save her from Tejas.

The police officer refuses to file a report because according to his claim, Jhanak walked out of the house on her own will and nobody forced her.

Anirudh is furious at the police officer for spouting out such nonsense while someone's life is at stake.

Further, he starts wondering why is so worried about Jhanak who is no one to him he assumes that it is just sympathy but if that's the case he shouldn't be worried sick about her.

At the same time, Chotun follows Jhanak and can catch up with her and he grabs Jhanak and asks her to come home with him this instant.

Jhanak is speechless and asks him to let her go as she is upgrading to a lavish life and she lies to Chotun thinking that he might let her go if she makes such claims.

Chotun asks Jhanak why is she doing this and she replies that she is sick of her servant's life and now wishes to live in comfort and Tejas has more money than you can imagine.

Chorun denies believing Jhanak’s statements and requests Jhanak to not ruin her life because of a man like Tejas.

Even after so much effort Jhanak runs away from Chotun and loses track of her.

Still waiting for his bride-to-be, Tejas is getting more and more impatient as soon as he sees Jhanak approaching him he gets out of his car to greet her.

Not so happy to see Tejas Jhanak directly come to the point and ask him what he plans to do now.

Glancing from behind, Chotun calls Anirudh and informs him that Jhanak has met Tejas while Anirudh asks him to do whatever it takes to stop them from leaving.

End of Jhanak today's episode written update. To download Janak Hindi Serial all episodes or watch today's full episode (15 January 2024) online, go to hotstar.com

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