Jhanak 15th March 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 15th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Jhanak 15th March 2024 episode starts with Kaki ji lashing out at Jhanak's mother which breaks Jhanak's heart and she requests her to not say anything to her.

Jhanak says that her mother is not anymore in this world so they should not mock her but Kaki says that she is similar to her mother after which Jhanak asks Kaki to show some humanity as she is also a woman.

On the other hand, the nurse tells everyone that they can take back Arshi after some time which brings a sigh of relief while Vinayak says that they should postpone Arshi and Ani's marriage.

Ani says that he will take care of Arshi while Choton says that Jhanak and Ani are made of each other as he loves her so much whereas Bado maa agains speaks in Jhanak's support which provokes Kaki's anger and she yells at them.

Kaki goes from there while Jhanak starts crying after which Appu and Bado maa console her whereas Ani and Shrishti meet Arshi Ani tells Arshi that from now he will do nothing to hurt her.

Shrishti yells at him and asks him to go away from there as she is there to look after her daughter while Ani's father asks Shrishti to behave well with Ani and asks her to give one chance to him.

He says that Ani loves Arshi so much while Shrishti says that she doubts his love as he is a big liar who hid his marriage from everyone while Arshi says that she is tired and she wants to go home.

Bipasa tries to improve things by requesting Shrishti to not end everything while Shrishti says that Ani has ended things while Tanuja asks for an apology from Ani's side.

Ani asks Arshi to talk to him once but Shrishti asks him to go from there after which Vinayak asks her to let Ani and Arshi talk once.

Shrishti says that he is responsible for everything so she does not want Ani to roam around Arshi at any cost after which Ani says that he married Jhanak to save her from Tejas.

Tanuja scolds him for it while he tries to justify himself after which everyone becomes quiet while Arshi asks him to not say anything and to go away from there.

She asks him to go from there and never show his face to her after which he becomes sad then she tells Shrishti that she will come in Ani's car.

Shrishti asks her to not get easily manipulated by him whereas everyone reaches home after some time and Jhanak serves food to everyone.

Ani's father asks Jhanak to stay away from them and everyone asks her to go inside her room and wait for them to go to the ghat whereas Ani holds Arshi's hand and tries to justify himself.

Arshi asks him why he broke her trust after which he tells her everything then she asks him if he truly loves her then he hugs her and confesses his feelings. 

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