Jhanak 16th March 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 16th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Jhanak 16th March 2024 episode starts with Kaki ji explaining Tanuja to take all the things for the Shakha removal ritual while Ani’s father says that he has to also do something.

Then, Bado maa asks Kaaki ji where is she going then Tanuja asks if she also wants to come so she can come along with them.

After that, Bado maa asks Kaaki ji to allow Jhanak to have lunch after which Tanuja taunts her to show empathy to Jhanak with her money.

Bado maa feels bad and says that she will also not eat unless Jhanak eats after which Ani’s father asks her not to eat.

Tanuja asks Bado maa to get ready on time while Choton asks Jhanak to not go before knowing all the information but Jhanak says that she can do anything to reunite Ani and Arshi.

On the other hand, Shrishti tells Ani that she wants Jhanak to get married as early as possible as she is her sister’s daughter.

Ani says it will be good if she does so after which Shrishti reassures him that she will find a good man for Jhanak.

Meanwhile, Basus reaches the temple for the ceremony and Bipasa discusses along with Tanuja that they haven’t told about the thing to anyone that they are going to do.

Jhanak reaches along with Bado maa and asks why they have come there after which Bado maa says that she does not know about it.

In the meantime, Shrishti and Arshi also get ready to come for the ritual and reach the temple just after Jhanak reaches there.

Ani notices Jhanak in a saree which makes Arshi feel bad but Kaaki ji asks Arshi to do the shakha removal ritual of Jhanak.

Then, Arshi goes and sits in front of Jhanak and Shrishti asks Arshi to break Jhanak’s shakha and she asks Jhanak to follow their all rituals.

She scolds Jhanak saying that due to her Arshi was about to die after which Jhanak gives her hands to Arshi and asks her to break the Shakha to remove Ani’s name from hers.

Choton asks Ani to stop Arshi and Shrishti but Ani says that nothing is there in his hand after which Shrishti asks Arshi to remove Jhanak’s vermillion which brings tears in his eyes.

Jhanak also feels sad but she does not express it after which Tanuja says that from now Jhanak will never dare to wear Ani’s name vermillion on her forehead.

Later, Kaaki ji asks Tanuja to bring Jhanak on the ghat and Shrishti asks her to wear a white saree and dive inside the water.

Bipasa offers her white saree while Shrishti tells Jhanak that she will also come along with her in the river while Choton requests Ani to take a stand for Jhanak.

Ani tells him that Jhanak has to fight for herself on her own while Shrishti says that she will forcefully make Jhanak wear that saree.

Jhanak throws away the saree from her hand which surprises everyone in the Basu family while Ani feels good.

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