Jhanak 17th March 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 17th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Jhanak 17th March 2024 episode starts with Shrishti asking Jhanak to wear the white saree but she refuses to wear it.

Arshi says that it means that something is cooking between her and Ani but Jhanak defends herself.

Jhanak says that she cannot do all these things because it is done when a married woman becomes a widow.

She asks Tanuja how can she allow her to do such things even after knowing that her son is alive.

Ani feels proud of her whereas Kaaki ji asks her to dive inside the water and complete the ritual without wearing the white saree.

Bado maa asks Jhanak to not dive deep because she does not know how to swim after which Kaaki ji says that girls like Jhanak never die easily.

Jhanak gives a befitting reply to her that the immortal person is never afraid of such things after which Shrishti holds her hand and takes her to dive inside the water.

Shrishti takes Jhanak to the deeper end of the water but Bado asks Jhanak to take care of while Ani also asks Jhanak to take proper precautions.

Everyone starts looking towards him after which Shrishti says that she has held Jhanak’s hand and asks him to not get afraid and she asks her to dive inside the water.

After that, Shrishti intentionally leaves Jhanak’s hand and she is about to drown in the water and Ani goes to save Jhanak.

Arshi feels bad while Ani succeeds in saving Jhanak’s life but she is unconscious and Ani tries to remove water from her stomach.

Tanuja asks him to stop after which he yells at her and he asks Bipasa to press her stomach so that water can come out of it.

Bado asks Jhanak if she is fine or not after which she gets conscious while Kaaki ji asks Jhana why she left Shrishti’s hand.

Shrishti becomes worried and asks her to not say that she left her hand after which Jhanak says that she didn’t leave her hand.

Later, Tanuja scolds her for creating chaos while Ani says that he has become tired of all such things every time.

Shrishti says that she wants to settle Jhanak and will find a man for her so that she can start a new life.

She says that she will do Jhanak’s wedding before Arshi’s while Jhanak thanks her for thinking so much for her.

Arshi asks Jhanak to focus on her upcoming life while Jhanak says that she will never interfere in their life once she goes away from there.

After they perform the leftover rituals and return home Shrishti joins hands with Tejas.

She asks him to return and explains to him to become good in front of everyone’s eyes to marry Jhanak.

Tejas says that he is ready to do the things that she wants after which Shrishti smirks and says that she will arrange the wedding.

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