Jhanak 18th March 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 18th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Jhanak 18th March 2024 episode starts with Shrishti promising Tejas that she will help him in getting married to Jhanak.

After that, Tejas daydreams that after one week he will go back to Srinagar along with Jhanak.

Later, on next day, Basu scolds Jhanak for sleeping till late after which Jhanak says that she wasn't well so she thinks of sleeping a little more.

Bipasa scolds her saying that if she is a queen then Jhanak says that she gets confused about what they expect from her as sometimes they ask her to stay inside the room and sometimes they ask her to come outside.

Then, Tanuja asks her to mop the whole house and will take care of dusting the whole house until Shrishti finds a groom for her.

Jhanak agrees to them and says that she will do everything while Arshi tells Jhanak that she has come there to ask something urgently from Jhanak and she asks her to tell the truth.

Arshi asks her where were she and Ani the whole night when they got married as they come back home after one day.

Tanuja also gets surprised after which Bipasha says that Jhanak has trapped Ani in her black magic due to which he has started ignoring Arshi.

Jhanak asks Arshi to ask all these things from Ani instead of asking her after that Bipasa forces her to tell then Jhanak tells them that Ani was driving the whole night and went to Jammu from Srinagar.

She tells everything to them while Arshi scolds her and warns her after which Tanuja asks her to do the household chores.

Arshi stops her and says that Jhanak has always done wrong to her but still, her mother is finding a good man for her after which she says that if she does anything wrong then she will ruin her completely.

Jhanak cleans the whole house and Ani notices her after which he tells her that it's someone else work and tells her that the producer has organized a party for the success of her jewelry ad.

Meanwhile, Jhanak requests him to not look after her and says that society never gives respect to such girls so she does not want to attend any party.

She warns him and asks him to stay away from her as much as possible which provokes Ani's anger and says that he never expected such things from her.

Ani says that he has done a lot for her but Jhanak is behaving so weird after which Jhanak asks her why he never asked for her consent regarding their marriage because everyone asks questions from her instead of asking from him.

She wishes for another marriage while Arshi comes there and asks why Jhanak is yelling at Ani so he says that she is uncivilized.

Arshi asks why is Jhanak yelling after which Jhanak asks Ani to tell after which he tells Arshi that Jhanak has gone mad as she wants to marry anyone.

He says that he will check the background of the man before fixing his marriage with Jhanak after which Arshi asks him if he does not trust Shrishti which makes Ani embarrassed.

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