Jhanak 19th December 2023 Written Update

Jhanak 19th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Jhanak 19th December 2023 episode starts with Jhanak dancing freely which makes Chhoton, Apu and Badi maa happy when Shubho and his wife arrive in the house. 

Shubho lashes Jhanak out for dancing shamelessly being a maid and Bipasha misunderstands the intention of Jhanak.

Bipasha states that Jhanak wants to compete with Arshi while Jhanak stands shocked.

In the shop, Arshi and Anirudh both buy clothes for the all family members when Anirudh chooses an expensive Benarasi saree for Arshi.

Though Arshi buys dresses for everyone, Arshi doesn't even utter the name of Jhanak, making Anirudh wonder what to do as Apu has asked Anirudh to buy new clothes for Jhanak. 

At the house, Jhanak confesses that she never wanted to compete with Arshi, adding that she didn't have any intention.

Chhoton, Apu and Badi Ma try to justify Jhanak's intention, but Shubho rebukes them loudly.

Shubho shows his strictness on them, further asking them not to repeat this kind of incident. 

There, Anirudh buys a saree for Jhanak secretly as he doesn't want to mess with the mood of Arshi.

Just then, Arshi calls Anirudh and asks him to see the kurta he's selected for her leading Anirudh to ask her to see it by herself.

Anirudh then goes to the other counter and pays for the saree after which he goes out by telling Arshi that he has to check his work phone.

In the house, Apu asks Jhanak not to be upset and promises to let her dance further, stating that Jhanak is a better dancer than Arshi. 

Shubho gets fired and leaves the spot along with everyone. 

Later, Anirudh keeps the saree in the car and goes back to Arshi after which both of them go back to the car.

On the other hand, Anirudh wonders if he's doing a good thing by hiding things from Arshi.

Coming back home, Anirudh distributes the new clothes to all the family members, making Bipasa, Mimi, Rumi and all become overwhelmed.

Jhanak becomes very upset with herself but Ani doesn't say anything in front of others. 

Anirudh is asked repeatedly about the expenses, making him utter out a sum of rupees one lakh forty thousand, making everyone surprised.

His mother compares him with Lal who can't do anything for the family while Apu again asks Anirudha why didn't he buy some clothes for Jhanak. 

However, Anirudh's mother doesn't regard this as important and during this, Jhanak asks everyone to come to the breakfast table.

Anirudh's mother asks Jhanak to go inside while they are eating and Jhanak goes away while Anirudh's mother chides Apu's father for empathising with Jhanak for offering to get her a saree.

She states that a day will come when everyone will regret putting Jhanak as a priority, making Jhanak pause, after which she walks away.

The next day, Jhanak prepares lotus petals for the puja during which Anirudh gives the saree to Jhanak secretly.

End of Jhanak today's episode written update. To download Janak Hindi Serial all episodes or watch today's full episode (19 December 2023) online, go to hotstar.com

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