Jhanak 20th December 2023 Written Update

Jhanak 20th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Jhanak 20th December 2023 episode starts with a secret conversation between Jhanak and Anirudh who gives her a saree secretly which disheartens Jhanak as she feels insulted. 

Jhanak thinks that Anirudh has been insulting her but Anirudh states that he has chosen this cloth for her.

Hence, Jhanak should take it but she states that he should do these things for Arshi, making Anirudh clarify that he doesn't have any wrong intention regarding her.

After a while, Jhanak understands her fault and apologises to him but she doesn't want to accept the gift.

Anirudh insists Jhanak take the gift as he has chosen it for her but Jhanak doesn't believe it.

She states how if someone notices them, they will be misinterpreted while Anirudh asks her why she always shows her attitude to him when he behaves well with her. 

Jhanak doesn't understand why Anirudh has been taking care of her so well while Anirudh asks Jhanak to accept the saree.

On the other hand, Tejas comes to Jhanak's village and threatens the villagers as they help Jhanak to elope secretly.

However, none of the villagers confess the true incident to Tejas as it might cause dangerous incidents.

Tejas knows very well about the villagers knowing everything where Jhanak lives and asks them to tell him about Jhanak.

In Kolkata, Anirudh asks Jhanak to take the saree otherwise, he'll feel bad and unprotestingly, Jhanak takes it.

Jhanak asks Anirudh to never get her anything and he agrees while Jhanak wonders what makes her silent in front of Anirudh.

In Kashmir, when Tejas doesn't get any clue, one of the villagers tells Tejas that Jhanak has run away with Anirudh.

The villager states that he has a photo and Tejas gives the villager his number for him to meet the next day.

In the house of Anirudh, everyone prepares for Laxmi puja, wearing new clothes. 

Meanwhile, Arshi arrives at the house and seeing her beauty, Anirudh gets flattered while Apu gets anxious as Jhanak has not worn the new clothes. 

Rimi sings the prayer to God while Apu insists Jhanak sit beside her and Badi Maa reads out the Laxmi Panchali.

All the family members warmly greet Arshi and Vinayak who treat Jhanak with their mean behaviour.

On the other hand, Bipasha doesn't understand why Jhanak is confused regarding the rituals as the priest asked everyone to cover their feet.

Thammi wonders why Jhanak didn't wear new clothes and Anirudh supports it, making Arshi state that she'll give her worn clothes to Jhanak. 

In the meantime, Apu goes into the room of Jhanak and finds a red saree which is the wedding saree of Jhanak.

Downstairs, Jhanak tells Arshi not to give her clothes as she doesn't want to be a crow dressed in peacock feathers.

Soon, Apu brings the wedding saree for Jhanak to wear, making Anirudh remember his wedding with Jhanak while everyone looks at them.

End of Jhanak today's episode written update. To download Janak Hindi Serial all episodes or watch today's full episode (20 December 2023) online, go to hotstar.com

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