Jhanak 20th January 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 20th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Jhanak 20th January 2024 episode starts with Jhanak and Anirudh arguing with each other.

Observing the duo argue from behind, Apu shouts at them for always arguing with each other.

Apu asks Ani if he has brought any chocolates for her.

Anirudh gives chocolate to her and informs her that he forgot to give it to her but she also asks him what about Jhanak.

He then removes another chocolate and gives it to Jhanak while she is speechless at his behaviour.

She refuses to accept the chocolate and asks Apu to get ready to go to sleep but Ani asks Apu to give her this chocolate as she will not accept it from him.

Jhanak is irritated at Anirudh's constant unusual behaviour while Apu interrupts and informs her that he loves her.

Jhanak and Anirudh both stand still looking at each other as they try to process what just Apu said.

Apu then adds to her statement and asks Jhanak why would he give her any chocolate if he didn't love her.

Jhanak tells Apu that it's getting late and they will continue this conversation tomorrow but Anirudh wants to hear more of it.

He asks Apu to continue and she agrees.

Mentioning a dream she had about Anirudh, Apu claims that she saw him getting married to Jhanak.

Anirudh and Jhanak are both too stunned to speak and Jhanak asks Apu to not repeat these statements again in front of anyone.

Leaving both Apu and Ani alone, Jhanak leaves the scene.

Apu tells Anirudh that she will bring Jhanak to his room.

Later, Apu brings Jhanak to Ani's bedroom and forces her to sign the consent form for the performance.

Jhanak asks Anirudh if he will be able to handle the consequences and will her fiancee be all right.

Even after she signs the papers, will his family allow her to perform after knowing the fact that he is the one who forced her?

Ani asks her to not worry about anything else and just participate as he has already committed to his colleagues.

Jhanak asks Anirudh to not create a scene as Apu is listening to everything and she might pass on this information.

Anirudh tells her that the longer she stays the more it will increase the risk of getting caught so it's better to just sign the papers and leave.

Jhanak asks him if he is forcing her and he replies yes if needed.

He informs her that this opportunity will change the course of Jhanak’s life forever.

After managing to convince Jhanak to sign the papers, she finally agrees and signs the papers.

Just then they are discovered by Modi who walks in and fires at Jhanak for being lazy and lounging around Anirudh.

Anirudh tells her that he is the one who called her because he had some work to discuss.

Apu insults Modi while she rages at Apu.

Anirudh asks both of them to stop fighting and is about to inform her about Jhanak's performance.

Jhanak interrupts and lies that Apu is going to perform while Jhanak needs to take care of her.

End of Jhanak today's episode written update. To download Janak Hindi Serial all episodes or watch today's full episode (20 January 2024) online, go to hotstar.com

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