Jhanak 20th March 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 20th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Jhanak 20th March 2024 episode starts with Bado maa telling Ruhi that she will make Luchi in the evening which excites Appu.

After that, Tanuja and Kaaki ji ask Jhanak to take care of the kitchen after which Choton comes and says that because of Jhanak today, Ani will lose his job if she does not go for the promotion.

Then, Tanuja asks her to go whereas Shrishti asks Arshi to go to the promotional party Arshi asks Shrishti to come along with her.

Shrishti asks her to start handling the things on her own whereas Jhanak tells Basus that it is her life's first and last project.

Tanuja murmurs that Jhanak has started arguing with them whereas Shrishti teaches Arshi to tell everyone that Jhanak is the maid of Basu's house and she is very happy to see that Jhanak is getting so much of the limelight.

Shrishti sows a seed of doubt in Arshi's mind that Ani will also come there which makes Arshi anxious and she gets ready for the event.

On the other hand, Jhanak gets ready for the event and Appu praises her beauty whereas other Basus also admires her.

Bado maa gives Jhanak many blessings which makes Jhanak feel special whereas Shrishti also gets ready to come to the party along with Arshi.

Meanwhile, Ani also comes to the party and murmurs that Jhanak deserves to be the best model and that her time will come soon and on that day he will have relief.

Choton and Jhanak go to the party but she gets nervous after which Choton explains to her to explore the world and always be the way she is as no one will force her to do anything.

Jhanak says that she is feeling bad as she is going to a party leaving the pooja in between after which Choton says that Jhanak is different from everyone in Basu's house that's why she always thinks for everyone.

Arshi calls Ani and gets to know that he is in office after which she informs Shrishti about it Shrishti tells her that she has found a man for Jhanak who is from their city.

Later on, everyone reaches the party and the party begins with the anchor introducing Jhanak as the new face of Surya jewelry which makes Jhanak feel special.

After that, he introduces everyone and describes the success received by their brand in the past few years after which he calls Jhanak on stage for further interview.

Everyone claps for Jhanak while she greets everyone with a smile on her face whereas Arshi gets envious of Jhanak and says that she does not like her.

Shrishti asks her to keep patience whereas Jhanak's ad gets displayed on the screen which makes her feel special and after the ad ends everyone claps for her and asks to play the ad again.

Jhanak feels so special and she thanks everyone for supporting her whereas Choton also feels proud of her.  

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