Jhanak 20th November 2023 Written Update

Jhanak 20th November 2023 Written Update

Jhanak 20th November 2023 Written Update: Jhanak written update, Episode 1

Today's Jhanak 20th November 2023 episode starts with 

The episode starts with Jhanak rowing her boat on the rivers of Kashmir as she goes to get bouquets from the Chacha. 

He tells her to pay the pending amount and she tells him that she'll pay him in two days. 

Meanwhile, Jhanak's mother, Urvashi is serving the elders while Dadi asks her if Jhanak will return on time or not. 

Bhaisaab asks where she has gone and Urvashi reveals that she has gone to college for her exams. 

He asks out loud what she will do with a BA degree and mockingly asks if her father has a business for her to run. 

Dadi tells Urvashi that Shrishti is returning by flight in the evening and gives her the responsibility to take care of them. 

Urvashi's maiden life

Kaushalya tells Urvashi that Arshi and Anirudh like soups and also tells her that she kept some of Arya's old clothes for Jhanak. 

Arya comes there just then and Bhaisaab orders Urvashi to serve her breakfast. 

Dadi comments on how Shrishti has reached the top and is managing a family while Urvashi is picking up her garbage. 

She states that she took her in when she was five after her brother-in-law's death and gave her the same treatment as Shrishti. 

Bhaisaab also tells her to serve Shrishti to pay for her sins while Kaushalya tells her that Jhanak will not go to college and stay as Arya's assistant until her marriage. 

Urvashi begs to let Jhanak go to college as she will handle everything and not burden her daughter with anything. 

However, the family argues that she has to bear the consequences of Urvashi's sins. 

Meanwhile, Jhanak manages to sell a Bengali couple bouquets by talking about how she has to support her studies and her mother. 

On the other hand, Shrishti and her husband Vinayak are conversing while Arshi tells them that she has called Anirudh and he will be waiting for them on time. 

At Anirudh's house, the family is preparing for the pooja while Appu, a mentally handicapped girl complains of Anirudh and others not taking her for travelling. 

Jhanak has a stalker? 

Boudi tries to tell her that she cannot go as they have a pooja while Anirudh's parents come there. 

The mother tells them to handle Appu and asks what will they do at Anirudh's wedding. 

Appu's mother informs them that she will lock her in the room making Appu cry. 

Anirudh comes there just then and consoles Appu by telling her that he will bring a gift for her from Kashmir. 

Later, Jhanak sits on the sidewalk and eats the dry food while at home, Radha, the house helper sees Urvashi eating dry food and comments on the partiality. 

Back on the sidewalk, a man comes to Jhanak and gives her food telling her that Tejas Bhaiji has sent it for her. 

She asks him if he's a servant but takes the plate anyway. 

Tejas calls him just then and asks to see Jhanak eating the food but is shocked to see that Jhanak has fed it to a stray dog. 

Back at Anirudh's home, Shrishti and her family arrive and they greet each other as Anirudh and Arshi admire each other. 

The family does the pooja and Chachaji tries to do tilak on Shrishti's forehead but she refuses and walks away. 

Anirudh and Jhanak's first meeting

At college, the teacher starts taking attendance while Jhanak rushes toward her class. 

As the teacher calls for her name three times and gets no answer, she is about to be absent when Jhanak comes there and asks for permission to enter. 

The teacher scolds her while Rahul speaks in support of Jhanak and convinces the teacher to let her in. 

Shrishti and others arrive at Shrinagar airport and go to take pictures while Vinayak and Shrishti talk to Bhaisaab about Urvashi and Jhanak. 

She talks about how she is sure Jhanak will fail her class and is going there as an excuse while Vinayak tries to support Jhanak. 

Meanwhile, at college, the teacher tells the students about the Kashmir festival starting from the next day and to submit their names while on the other hand, Shrishti gets invited as the chief guest. 

Later, Rahul and his friends take Jhanak to ride their bicycles when she collides with Anirudh's car. 

He starts blaming her when she tells him that he is the one at fault. 

Arshi comes out of the car and Anirudh demands Jhanak to apologize to her. 

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