Jhanak 21st March 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 21st March 2024 Written Update

Today's Jhanak 21st March 2024 episode starts with Jhanak getting the limelight that she deserves which makes Choton proud of her.

Choton murmurs that he will remember this day forever after which he says that Jhanak's biggest wellwisher is Ani and he hopes that he will also come there.

Just then, Choton receives a call from Ani and tells him that he cannot come there because he does not want any kind of complication in his and Arshi's life further.

Choton insists on him and asks him to not come in front of everyone and see everything from behind after which Ani tells him that he will come and sit at the back.

After that, Jhanak's interview begins but Shrishti and Arshi come on stage and introduce their guru ji to everyone.

Guru ji wishesh luck to everyone but he misbehaves with Jhanak whereas Shrishti tells him that she will handle Jhanak.

After that, the anchor calls the freshers onto the stage and praises everyone whereas Ani also comes there and notices Jhanak speaking on the mic which makes him proud of her.

Jhanak tells everyone that dance is her way of living as it teaches her how to live and she says that her way of performing is her lifestyle and through her ad, she has explained the same thing.

Everyone praises her whereas Arshi and Shrishti make weird faces Jhanak says that it might be her first and last ad that she has done and she gives credit for her success to Ani which makes Arshi and Shrishti angry.

Ani feels special when Jhanak praises him in front of everyone after that she praises Choton also which makes him emotional and tears roll down his eyes when Jhanak tells in front of everyone that she considers him as her Kaaka and she thanks him for his support throughout her journey.

After that, the producer tells why he chose Jhanak over Arshi and Arshi feels angry after which Shrishti tries to praise Arshi in front of everyone and she belittles Jhanak in front of everyone.

Shrishti tells everyone that Jhanak is the maid of the Basu family to demean her but Jhanak does not mind whatever Shrishti says and the audience starts gossiping about it.

After that, Shrishti tells everything and says that she isn't ashamed of telling this truth to everyone while Shrishti tries to make Jhanak feel bad by saying that Jhanak is just a normal maid.

Jhanak feels heartbroken but she does not express it after which Shrishti tries to manipulate everyone by saying that the company has given the biggest social message by selecting Jhanak.

Then, Arshi also demeans Jhanak by saying that whenever she goes to Ani's house Jhanak only serves her snacks while she also tells that Jhanak's mother committed suicide.

All these things make Jhanak intolerant and she speaks in English and gives a befitting reply to Arshi and Shrishti which surprises them whereas Ani feels proud of her when Jhanak says that she will get another chance to live this moment.

Jhanak tells good things about her mother and tells everyone that Shrishti is her mother's sister after which everyone talks about Shrishti and Arshi.

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