Jhanak 21st November 2023 Written Update, Episode 2

Jhanak 21st November 2023 Written Update, Episode 2

Today's Jhanak 21st November 2023 episode 2 starts with Jhanak colliding with Anirudha’s car and he stops driving.

After that, he comes out scolding her for colliding with his car.

Meanwhile, Arshi tries to stop Anirudh but Vinayak and Shrishti come there and they also taunt Jhanak.

Arshi asks them to close the matter and Jhanak also asks to stop the matter.

Vinayak gets angry with her saying that he has done a lot for her family but in return, he is just getting disrespect from her.

Jhanak’s friends support her which triggers Vinayak’s anger but Shrishti asks him to not think much of them as they are greedy people who just know how to snatch things.

After that, they go from there while Jhanak’s friends support her to participate in the competition.

Meanwhile, Anirudh calls his brother while Appu snatches the phone and talks with Anirudha, asking him to bring a gift for her.

On the other hand, Appu goes on ganga ghat along with other ladies to offer pooja but her leg slips and she falls into the river but a boy saves her.

Boudi gets worried for Jhanak whereas Rahul goes to bring the form for Jhanak but the judges ask him to bring Jhanak and fill out the form.

Bablu Mama asks her what is she going to present in her performance and she feels bad.

Just another judge says that they cannot allow her to participate because she does not have a father.

Jhanak’s friend argues for her but the judges do not accept her while Shrishti goes to her home and meets everyone in her house.

She also introduces Anirudha and his family to her family while the judges ask Jhanak if she knows her father’s name or not.

Meanwhile, everyone asks Urvashi to bring Shrishti and Vinayak’s luggage from outside and Urvashi says that she is preparing tea for them.

Shrishti asks her to come and meet her so Urvashi goes to meet her then her brother asks her how is she so Urvashi takes blessings of him.

Shrishti lashes out at Urvashi and asks her to take control over Jhanak while Urvashi tells them that Jhanak is not bad and she asks for an apology on Jhanak’s behalf.

After that, Amma asks Urvashi to bring luggage so she goes to bring it while Anirudha goes to help her which brings a smile to her face.

On the other hand, Boudi and other ladies celebrate pooja at Ganga ghat whereas Arshi’s friends ask her about her honeymoon plans.

Urvashi gives blessings to Arshi and says that Shrishti is lucky to have Anirudha as her son-in-law.

Meanwhile, Shrishti’s Maa asks about Arshi’s sasural while Shrishti tells her that her sasural is close to their house in Kolkata.

After that, Urvashi’s brother and sister-in-law scolds Urvashi for not calling Jhanak home on time while Shrishti also taunts her to pay for the obligation that this family has done for her.

Till then, Jhanak comes there while everyone scolds her for being late.

Urvashi asks her where was she and slaps her for not replying which makes everyone happy.

Urvashi keeps on beating Jhanak and suddenly stops.

Jhanak asks her why she stopped saying that she should have remembered her place in this family before following her dreams and passion.

Jhanak cries and asks Urvashi to beat her to death which breaks Urvashi’s heart and she also cries for her daughter’s faith.

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