Jhanak 22nd March 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 22nd March 2024 Written Update

Today's Jhanak 22nd March 2024 episode starts with Jhanak going against Shrishti to defend her mother in front of everyone.

She says that her mother was a great dancer and she got the dance trait from her mother and it is her life.

Jhanak tells everyone that her whole family belongs to a respected background and she also tells that Shrisht is her maternal aunt which surprises everyone.

Ani gets emotional when Jhanak tells her story to everyone that her father refused to accept her and her mother whereas Guru ji stares at Jhanak's eye when she says it.

Jhanak says that it was her dream to become a huge personality like her father and earn many names so that her father could recognize her mistakes.

She says that she wants her father to realize her dream and apologize for his mistake after that she mentions that she has lost everything in her life so how can she have a plan and she has many challenges to face in life but she is determined to face them with utmost courage.

Choton feels proud of her whereas Jhanak also says that one day she will take the name of those people who made her feel bad by becoming successful.

She decides to accept the challenge and asks everyone if they have got their answer after which everyone claps for her while Shrishti and Arshi's plan fails.

Later, Ani reaches home while his dad asks him if he went to Jhanak's promotional party or not but he does not comment on it but tells everyone that his boss might send him abroad for a new project.

Tanuja tells him that his marriage is approaching so he should not have taken this decision but Ani says that nothing is there in his hand whereas Kaaki ji motivates him to do good in life.

Ani tells them that he will miss home while Tanuja says that finally Arshi's dream of going foreign will be completed.

Ani's uncle also says that the family will be incomplete but Shubho taunts him that if Ani will not work then what will he do?

Shubho asks him if he wants every other child in the house to become like Appu which hurts Baablu and he expresses his grief.

Baablu asks Shubhu to recall the days when he took care of him but Tanuja also taunts him after which Kaaki ji scolds Tanuja and tells her that just because of him Shubho is a successful person in his life.

Just then Arshi, Shrishti, and Jhanak come to home where Arshi asks Ani why he went without meeting them in the program after which he justifies himself that his boss forced him to go there.

Ani tells Shrishti that he was calling Arshi to tell her about this but she didn't receive a call after which Arshi gets manipulated by Ani and believes in him whereas everyone looks with anger toward Jhanak.  

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