Jhanak 22nd November 2023 Written Update

Jhanak 22nd November 2023 Written Update

Today's Jhanak 22nd November 2023 episode starts with Jhanak deciding that she will not go to college and live at home like Urvashi.

Urvashi gets angry at Jhanak and scolds her for arguing with Bablu and Aniruddha.

After that, she also beats Jhanak when Aniruddha comes and protects her, telling Urvashi that she is doing wrong by beating her daughter.

He asks her to explain Jhanak instead of beating her while everyone stares at him.

Bablu comes asking Urvashi to take Jhanak inside the house.

He says that Shristi's guest is coming so he doesn't want any chaos over there while Shrishti comes and taunts Urvashi for giving too much liberty to Jhank.

Meanwhile, Arshi gets angry and asks her mother how can she be so heartless, asking Urvashi to throw the stick.

However, Urvashi before leaving scolds Jhanak and asks her not to repeat it.

Further, Urvashi goes and cries in a corner while blood comes from Jhanak's feet leading Arshi to take care of her.

Meanwhile, Shristi's guests arrive and invite her to come to the Kashmiri festival, asking her to participate.

Arshi agrees to participate while Urvashi brings food for Jhanak.

Jhanak refuses to eat and says that she does not want to leave her.

Urvashi asks her to compromise for a few days and after that, they will go back to their house as Bharat Mama has asked her to live till marriage.

Just then, Arshi and Aniruddha come there when Urvashi tells them that she was feeding Jhanak, asking for an apology from them while Arshi says that Anni has bought medicine for Jhanak.

After that, Arshi asks Jhanak to participate in the competition as Vrijbhusan ji is coming.

Urvashi refuses to allow Jhanak to participate in the competition while Jhanak taunts her for always stopping her from following her dreams.

Meanwhile, Urvashi shows her eyes to Jhanak and says that if Jhanak dances, she will break her bond with Jhanak and never talk to her.

Later on the next day, Arshi again insists that Jhanak participate in the dance but Jhanak refuses, saying that she cannot go against Urvashi.

Shrishti calls Arshi as they are getting late but Arshi asks Jhanak to show some bravery and come.

Arshi goes and meets Aniruddha and he tries to flirt with her while Urvashi asks Jhanak to cut the vegetables on time.

Meanwhile, Shrishti, Arshi, and other people reach the event while Jhanak goes to do the household chores.

In the meantime, Aniruddha clicks photos of the event when Arshi and her friends search for him.

Rahul calls Jhanak and asks her to participate otherwise he will break his friendship which breaks Jhanak's heart.

She ignores and does household chores while Arshi makes a plan with Aniruddha to bring Jhanak to the event so he goes home and lies to Urvashi that Arshi forgot her ghungroos.

Urvashi asks him to go inside Arshi's room as Jhanak is doing dusting so she will help him.

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