Jhanak 23rd March 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 23rd March 2024 Written Update

Today's Jhanak 23rd March 2024 episode starts with Rumi recalling that she left her books on the table then her sister says that Jhanak will bring them.

Jhanak feels offended after which Bipasa comes there and asks her if she is listening or not after which Jhanak gives her a befitting reply.

Then, Tanuja comes there and scolds her saying that she will kick her out of the house for arguing with her daughters after which Jhanak says that she is not interested in arguing with these girls.

After that, Tanuja asks her to cook the food because Bado maa is not at home and she asks Jhanak to bring gifts for them as they are doing so much for her.

Jhanak tells them that she does not have cash as Ani has deposited the amount in Bank but Bipasha says that she will come along with her to the bank to take out the money while Choton overhears their conversation.

Choton scolds Jhanak for spending money on Basu's and he asks Bipasa to not spend Jhanak's money after which Tanuja asks him to focus on his work instead of defending Jhanak every time.

Tanuja asks Choton to do the work that she asked him to do after that she asks Jhanak why her father does not accept her mother and her because Urvashi used to go to other men's places for money.

Jhanak feels offended and yells at her after which Choton also takes Jhanak's side after which Tanuja asks Choton to not forget his limits and she asks him to correct her sandals to make him feel bad.

Then, she asks Jhanak who is she to argue with her and tells her to not forget that she is just a maid of this house to whom she gave space to live in her house but in return, she tries to trap Ani.

Jhanak yells at her after which Tanuja asks her to not interrupt her family matters after which she goes from there and gives water to plants.

Just then, Ani comes and asks Jhanak if he wants to talk to her and he holds her hands whereas Shrishti complains to Vinayak that Ani always succeeds in manipulating Jhanak.

Bipasa calls Arshi and tells her that there is dhol yatra pooja tomorrow after which they will play holi while Ani asks Jhanak if he bought here to work as a maid at this house or correct her mother's sandal.

Jhanak says that Choton must have told him everything while Ani asks her to not do anything like that and says that he bought her there so that she can grow further in her life by completeing her studies.

Meanwhile, Shrishti tells Vinayak that Ani is playing with Arshi's feelings whereas Jhanak asks Ani to give his time to Arshi instead of giving to her.

Ani tells her that she won't be spending any money to give a saree to anyone and orders her to follow his instructions mentioning that he doesn't want her money to get wasted.


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