Jhanak 24th February 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 24th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Jhanak 24th February 2024 episode starts with Shrishti telling Kaaki that she avoids eating food outside the house.

Kaaki ji asks her to not consider them outsiders and that she can have the food with them after that Shrishti tells her that her profession does not allow her to eat everything that's why she has to follow a strict diet.

She advises Arshi to do the same to avoid the problem in the future.

After that, Shrishti says that she has to leave for some urgent work but Rumi insists she stay with them as they have organized some games for Valentine's Day.

Rumi explains to her all the terms and conditions after that Shrishti stays there while Aniruddha asks where is Jhanak which pinches Arshi's anger.

Arshi asks him why is he searching for her after that he tells them that unless she is staying with them they have to keep an eye on her as she is clever.

Shrishti agrees with him and supports Ani while Choton feels bad for Jhanak.

Ani asks Choton to look after Jhanak but Choton refuses to follow his instructions and says that he will do the things against Ani's will.

Kaaki ji asks why is Choton behaving so rude while Tejas says that people who are against Ani should leave the house which pinches Appu's parent and they decide to leave the house.

Kaaki ji asks them to not misunderstand Tejas as he is the one who takes responsibility for the family whereas Laal and Bipasha say that they will not leave the house.

Bipasa says that they will not go along with them after that, Laal's father says that they don't even consider them as their children whereas Appu asks Jhanak to show her husband's photo.

Jhanak asks her to not talk about such things whereas Appu says that there was a time when Ani used to take care of her while Jhanak says that he never loved her.

Appu agrees to her while Jhanak asks her if she had breakfast or not then Appu tells her that she wants to die because she is a burden on the family.

Jhanak asks her to not think such things for herself and to think for her parents while Appu's parents argue with Tanuja that Appu is fed by them that's why they always beat them.

Shrishti taunts Shobh after that her husband asks her to ignore them and serve the food while Ani asks Rumi to call Appu and Jhanak for breakfast.

Arshi feels bad but Rumi goes to call them but Jhanak denies then Rumi scolds her and asks her to think about her reputation and try to improve it.

Rumi asks her to come as everyone is waiting for them while Appu scolds Rumi after which Rumi becomes aggressive and says that she will tell Kaku about it.

Jhanak asks Appu to not argue and she takes her outside for breakfast while Jhanak feels nervous.

Kaaki ji asks Jhanak to eat along with them but Shrishti says that she will not eat with servants after which Appu's parent and Choton eats along with Jhanak.

Jhanak says that she does not want to eat but Ani asks her to eat the food while Shrishti scolds her for creating chaos in Arshi's in-law's house.

Shrishti asks her to tell about her husband after that she asks Ani why he gave her the wrong number then Ani becomes nervous.

Jhanak tells her that Ani knows why her husband does not receive anyone's call which makes Arshi insecure.

End of Jhanak today's episode written update. To download Janak Hindi Serial all episodes or watch today's full episode (24 February 2024) online, go to hotstar.com

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