Jhanak 29th January 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 29th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Jhanak 29th January 2024 episode starts with the Basu family preparing to leave for the performance.

Shubh orders Jhanak to keep the food ready before they come back and tells her not to slack off while they are away.

Bhaudu Maa tells Jhanak that she must have wanted to go too as she can dance very well but Shubh and Tanuja gave her so much work to do.

Subhu replies to her that it's just nonsense and a worker cannot join them at such an extravagant event , by doing so they will only face embarrassment.

Bhaudu Maa tells Jhanak that she would have taken her along if it was in her power but she cannot and feels sorry for it.

Just then Apu arrives all dressed up for the event and brags about how Jhanak helped her look pretty but then she sees other girls with lipstick on.

She insists to Jhanak that she also wants to apply lipstick on her face while she says that she looks beautiful without it.

Shubh asks Chotun when will he leave for the event and he replies that there will be no space in the car anyway so he will get a cab and be right behind him.

Laal tells Chotun to not arrive late and to come as fast as possible otherwise it will make a bad impression on the people around.

Later the Basu family arrives at the venue and the event commences with Anirudh welcoming the audience with a warm speech and introducing Rij Bhushan Ji.

On the other hand, Arshi and Sirishti also arrive at the occasion looking elegant and confident.

The first performance kick starts with a graceful conventional Indian Dance at the same time Apu is waiting for Jhanak who promised she would be there.

Back at the house Chotun and Jhanak are preparing to leave for the event but Jhanak is still nervous and scared.

At the event, Arshi performs with her heart and the performance receives a standing ovation from the audience.

However, in the audience, Apu refuses to perform if Jhanak is not present while the entire family taunts Apu for creating drama at the event.

Meanwhile, backstage Arshi and Sirishti are discussing how Anirudh has changed after Jhanak's arrival and Sirishti reminds her that she is performing with her mom today.

Anirudh also arrives backstage and thanks Sirishti for performing today at his event while Arshi questions Anirudh about the new segment artist.

He informs her that it is a surprise and tells them not to ruin the surprise for everyone else here.

On the other hand, Bipasha and Tanuja in the audience blame Apu's father for accepting Anirudh's offer and letting Apu perform at such an important event.

Shubh claims that if Apu creates a scene due to which the event is affected in any way he will have to face the consequences.

End of Jhanak today's episode written update. To download Janak Hindi Serial all episodes or watch today's full episode (29 January 2024) online, go to hotstar.com

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