Jhanak 2nd February 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 2nd February 2024 Written Update

Today's Jhanak 2nd February 2024 episode starts with  Bipasha and Tanuja telling Jhanak to go away and not to look back at this city and this home to which she replies that if her destiny brings her back to the City then she will come but promises not to step inside their home.

Bipasha tells her she belongs to a small place and will end up there and adds that she is the reason Srishti ji didn't perform today, to which she replies that it was her choice not to perform.

They tell her that she doesn't have a class to share the stage with Srishti and it's Arshi's politeness that she didn't say anything to you.

They further blame her for what she did with Aniruddh but before they can complete, Jhanak says that she didn't do anything but they blame her for talking sweetly to Aniruddh to get inside the competition.

Jhanak refuses to accept it all and leaves while they stop her, saying that now they get why Srishti was not able to bear her mom.

She stands still, shocked, and says not to talk about her mom when they do not know anything about her and finally leaves.

On the other hand, Arshi and Ani dance while she gets Bipasha's call who tells her that tomorrow Jhanak will be going.

She explains to her that she plans to send away Jhanak to Bengal and won't let her return to their house.

Meanwhile, Jhanak packs her bag while Aniruddh says that they should get going as it is quite late to which Arshi replies that they should stay here as mostly they do not get to spend any alone time and insists on him dancing.

Meanwhile, Tanuja gets up and wakes Kaku up to take Jhanak to the bus stand but he says that it's too early.

On the other hand, Ani once again tells her that they should go but she ,somehow, makes him stay.

On the flip side, Jhanak is ready with her bag packed while Tanuja and Bipasha knock at her door to take her and check her bag in which they find an expensive saree.

Jhanak expresses her wish to meet her grandparents at least once before leaving but her wish is rejected by Bipasha and Tanuja.

Tanuja orders Jhanak to pack her bag and leave as soon as possible while Kaku waits for her downstairs.

They leave for the bus while Anirudh drops Arshi home and tells Arshi that he wants to tell her something about Jhanak.

She insists on him telling her whatever it is but later leaves.

Meanwhile, Anu walks restlessly thinking about the jhanak's performance as she waits for Arshi.

She scolds Arshi for being out this late but Arshi explains everything to her while Anu decides to tell it all to Tejas.

On the other hand, Kaku drops Jhanak ko bus stand and gives her a thousand rupees as he warns her not to contact anyone meanwhile,Ani is on his way back to his home.

End of Jhanak today's episode written update. To download Janak Hindi Serial all episodes or watch today's full episode (2 February 2024) online, go to hotstar.com

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