Jhanak 7th March 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 7th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Jhanak 7th March 2024 episode starts with Anirudha telling Jhanak that he has taken the print of all the documents digitally as she does not have it.

After that, she nods her head while he asks her to reply properly and asks her to prepare well for the exams as it is going to start soon.

She asks him if she will be able to go and take the exams in Kashmir so Ani says that she will be able to take her exams but where will she stay after that she tells him that she will stay at Rahul's house.

Ani feels jealous and asks her if she only has Rahul as her friend which makes Jhanak stare at him after which they go to the bank to open Jhanak's account.

All the proceedings take place after which the manager asks the clerk to click Jhanak's photo to apply it to the documents.

Ani asks if he can take the photo from his phone and he will transfer the photo to him after which he clicks her photo and sends it to the manager.

The manager tells Ani that he will open the account in a few minutes and asks him to wait for some time after which Ani asks him to transfer nine lakh rupees to Jhanak's account.

Jhanak is about to ask Ani about so much money but he says that they will discuss it after going back home while the manager congratulates him on his upcoming wedding.

Then, Jhanak and Ani come out after which she asks him why is he giving so much money to her but he does not say anything.

Ani just says that he is paying her for everything that she has done for his family while she tells him that she should also have the authority to decide things.

However, Ani tells her that he is giving her the salary and he wants her to spend this money on her own as he does not like her wearing old clothes.

Jhanak asks him to not think much for her after which Ani takes her to the mall to buy new clothes for her after which he selects many dresses for Jhanak and buys everything for her.

After that, they leave for home and she asks him to not do so much for her after which he says that he does not people to think that he is doing wrong to her and what will Rahul think about it.

Jhanak asks him why is he taking Rahul's name every time but he ignores her and takes her restaurant to eat something while Jhanak refuses to eat.

Ani orders food for himself after which the waiter brings the special Valentine's cake and Maharaja thali for them.

Then, Ani reminds Jhanak that they had eaten Maharaja Bhoj thaali earlier too after which she nodes her head.

The waiter thinks that Jhanak and Ani are a married couple after which he brings a small gift for both of them and asks Ani to give a bouquet to Jhanak.

They click pictures of them when Ani gives a bouquet to Jhanak after which she yells at him for not telling the truth to them after which other people start staring at them in the restaurant.

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