Jhanak 8th February 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 8th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Jhanak 8th February 2024 episode starts with Tejas waiting for Jhanak and hearing the conductor announcing that the bus will leave in the next 5 minutes.

Tejas says that his wife has gone to the washroom and is coming in a bit but the conductor asks him to hurry up as they are already late.

A man stops Tejas from going toward the washroom and asks an old lady to search for a woman named Jhanak instead as it is a ladies' washroom.

The old woman comes to search for Jhanak and notices no one by that name which makes Tejas realize that Jhanak has run away by fooling him.

Meanwhile, Jhanak boards the bus from Kolkata to Digha and comes to the last stop, wondering if Anirudh is all right and if she can reach Howrah through that route.

Tejas tells himself that Jhanak is about to see his true colours and he will take Jhanak back with him even if he needs to drag her away.

Jhanak gets off at the last stop and gets hopeful upon hearing that the bus for Howrah goes from that road only if she waits a bit for the next bus.

Tejas gets his luggage off the bus and stops a car after which he asks for their help in finding his wife who has run away.

Meanwhile, Anirudh's family hurries over to the hospital, and Choton talks to the doctor who informs him that Ani's condition is quite critical.

The doctor says that they need to perform surgery as Anirudh's neck bone is very damaged for which the hospital needs the consent form signed by someone in Ani's family.

Choton hesitates and says that Anirudh's parents are on their way but the doctor asks him to hurry up as each second is precious in this case.

At the same time, Jhanak gets the bus for Howrah and boards it in the hope of reaching soon when suddenly a car stops the bus from moving forward.

Jhanak is shocked to see Tejas in the car and hides her face while Tejas comes out and tells the bus conductor that he is searching for his wife who has run away.

Tejas spots Jhanak inside the bus and points at her but Jhanak says that Tejas is not her husband and she does not know him.

As Tejas shows everyone his photos of a wedding with a woman inside a veil and marks it as Jhanak, Jhanak denies marrying Tejas and says that she does not want to go with him.

Someone calls the police to solve the commotion while Tejas says that Jhanak has run away from him with her lover after having an affair.

Elsewhere, Ani's family comes to the hospital and asks Choton about the accident which reveals that he and Ani had gone to search for Jhanak.

Ani's father gets angry and blames Choton for supporting Anirudh in the wrong while Srishti says that Choton wants to break Arshi and Ani's bond.

The police arrive and ask Jhanak about the matter to which Jhanak reveals that Tejas is a big criminal in Srinagar and is trying to take her with him forcefully.

With the sindoor and bangles, the police ask Jhanak who her husband is if she is not married to Tejas which leaves her silent.

End of Jhanak today's episode written update. To download Janak Hindi Serial all episodes or watch today's full episode (8 February 2024) online, go to hotstar.com

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