Jhanak 9th March 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 9th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Jhanak 9th March 2024 episode starts with  Ani giving justification to defend himself in front of the whole family when Arshi confronts Ani and Jhanak.

Appu interrupts in between and asks Arshi to not fight over a photograph with Ani while Jhanak murmurs that Ani is lying to Arshi so she decides that if anyone says her anything then she will not stay quiet and will take a stand for herself.

Then, Appu asks Arshi to not fight with him as tomorrow is a huge event that is being organized for them after that Ani tears the photo in front of everyone.

Arshi feels satisfied while Appu yells at him for tearing the photo and asks him to give the photo instead of tearing it.

After that, Arshi asks her what will she do with the photo then Arshi tells her that she will keep the photo with her.

Appu says that Arshi always fights with Ani and scolds Jhanak every time and she never becomes kind like Jhanak which offends Arshi but she does not say anything.

Tanuja tries to calm Arshi and asks her to focus on tomorrow's party after which Arshi returns to her house for the preparation of the party.

Later on the next day, the party begins and they enjoy it a lot where everyone including Ani also dances whereas Shristi waits for Tejas.

In the meantime, Appu comes there and asks Jhanak why didn't she call her downstairs after which Bado maa tells Appu that Jhanak is busy serving food to everyone.

Then, Choton calls her and compliments her that she looks very beautiful in new attire after which Jhanak tells him that she bought it yesterday.

After that, Jhanak asks questions related to Jhanak that happened yesterday but she asks him to directly ask it from Ani.

He defends Ani in front of her after which she tells him that she is not able to understand the real side of Ani as his actions are not matching with his words.

She tells him that she wants to leave this house as soon as possible whereas Bipasa comes and scolds Jhanak for not doing the work.

Bipasa asks her to serve it to guests after which Choton defends Jhanak while Bipasa taunts him and requests him to not defend Jhanak every time.

Jhanak tells Choton that she will talk to him later while Ani murmurs that he should tell his and Jhanak's truth to Arshi as he feels guilty.

Meanwhile, Laal tells Bipasa that he saw Tejas with Shrishti whereas Ani searches for an opportunity to tell his truth to Arshi but she is busy with the guests.

Jhanak also notices Tejas and she tells Choton about it and gets worried whereas Ani meets Choton and tells him that today he will tell the whole truth to Arshi.

Tejas asks Tanuja to paly some Kashmiri The interrupts songs and does everything according to their rituals after which Shristhi asks him to take away Jhanak from there as soon as possible.

After that, he tells her that today everything will get changed while Tanuja says that it will be good if Jhanak goes away from there.

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