Junooniyat 13th February 2023 Written Update, Episode 1

Junooniyat 13th February 2023 Written Update, Episode 1

Today's Junooniyat 13th February 2023 episode 1 starts with the introduction of the female protagonist, Elahi who lives with her paternal family in Chandigarh.

Ilahi's cursed music

Ilahi wants to attend the wedding at her friend's place, where the "Sangeet" ceremony is happening.

At the ceremony, there is a music competition going on between the groom's family and the bride's family while the bride's side is falling behind in the competition.  

Husna, Ilahi's childhood best friend awaits her friend's arrival who can now save them from losing the competition.

Meanwhile, Ilahi is sneaking out of her house with the help of her cousin as she has been denied to attend the ceremony. 

Ilaahi's grandmother despises music since Ilaahi's mother, Diljot, eloped from the house with her sister and tarnished the family's image in society.

However, Ilahi is the daughter of two musicians which will never let her forget the art that has been gifted to her.

Jumping over the terrace of her house to the neighboring one, Ilahi continues to run in the direction of her friend's house by following the same process.

She reaches there just in time and pulls the strings of her melodious voice which defeats the groom's side of the family.

The character judgement

As she sings and dances with her friend, the ladies of the locality notice her and appreciate her singing.

However, the moment they get to know that she belongs to the Dosanjh family, that is she is the daughter of Diljot who ran away in the past, they judge her to be just like her mother. 

Husna asks Ilahi to sing her mother's popular song which sends Ilahi down memory lane where she reminisces about Diljot singing her song while having a good time with her. 

Ilahi comes back to the present and sings Diljot's song which impresses everyone.

Her aunt (Father's sister), who is passing by from there with her husband, Happy, recognizes her voice and asks her husband to take a U-turn and go to Husna's house.

Ilahi escapes the trouble

Hearing her aunt's voice shouting her name, Ilahi hides from her while Husna tries to keep the aunt busy.

At last, Ilahi gets into trouble when her aunt says if she did not find Ilahi at home, she is gonna make it worse for Both Ilahi and Husna.

Ilahi runs back home closely behind her aunt and uncle's scooter.

Ilahi's aunt runs inside the house and wakes up Biji (her mother, Ilaahi's grandmother) to complain about Ilahi singing at her friend's place.

Biji and the aunt go upstairs to check up on Ilahi while she is struggling to climb up the wall to enter her room through the window.

However, Ilahi manages to enter the room in time when her aunt comes accusing her to be singing.

Biji's warning to Ilahi

Biji watches Ilahi closely to detect the truth but Ilahi lies smoothly.

She hides her Fulkari and Sandles which were peeking out of her bed.

Biji comes to her and reminds her that she would make her dumb if she ever thought of singing in her life and scolds her to remember how her mother left them.

Ilahi's aunt asks Biji to get her married before Ilahi damages their family name but Ilahi requests Biji to let her study and graduate.

At the same time, someone calls from outside, asking the family to bring Ilahi's father Amardeep from the local bar.

Ilahi warns her aunt to not badmouth her father while she can say anything to Ilahi.

Meet Jordan

Elsewhere, Jordan is singing in the middle of the road in a residential area with his band friends who are dancing with swag on his rap.

Jordan has the audience hooked on his rapping.

On the other hand, Ilahi runs to the bar and looks for her father while the people there look at her with weird expressions.

She thinks of her childhood when happiness used to be a part of their household.

Both her parents used to sing together and win everyone's hearts and her mother dreamt of being a famous singer.

However, due to the lack of money, Diljot left Amardeep one day with their younger daughter, Seerat.

Ilahi finds Amar trying to sing while his friends mock him for his untuned voice.

Seeing her father, Ilahi feels pain in her heart and helps him back home while singing her mother's song for him.

The Great Indian Voice!

Meanwhile, hearing the police siren, Jordan and his friends run away from them with the police following behind.    

Jordan arrogantly tells his friends that the police never succeeded in catching him and won't succeed today either.

Elsewhere, in Vancouver, Canada, Jahaan, the magician of words, wins the hearts of people with his soulful musical lyrics.

He sings as a background singer for a couple on a date while his friend asks him about how long he will be a background singer in other people's love stories.

Jahaan tells his friend that his life's main mission is to prove his parent's innocence to the world and bring their dignity back to them.

Meanwhile, Ilahi feeds his father who is refusing to eat after hearing the taunts of the family.

Ilahi plays the radio where the announcement of an upcoming singing competition "The Great Indian Voice" is being made, hearing which Ilahi and Amar get happy.

Amar tells Ilahi that this competition is the first step toward her dreams.

On the other hand, Jordan also hears the competition announcement which makes him stop his jeep.

The police catch him while he smirks that he will become the winner and these policemen will be saluting him one day.

Moreover, Jahaan also sees the pamphlet about the competition and decides to participate in it.

All these three passionate musicians will cross each other's path in a music competition called "The Great Indian Voice" and the journey of their love will begin there. 

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