Junooniyat 15th February 2023 Written Update

Junooniyat 15th February 2023 Written Update

Today's Junooniyat 15th February 2023 episode starts with Ilahi getting caught singing by Biji while her aunt wears a smug smile on being proven right about her suspicions.

The aunt taunts Ilahi for singing and lying to Biji while she stands there looking at Biji with fearful eyes while Biji's eyes scream anger.

Biji picks a burning wood stick and scares Ilahi as she brings it to burn her hand in anger for breaking the rule.

At the same time, Amarjot comes there and saves Ilahi before Biji can burn her hand.

He stands up for Ilahi and argues with Biji that singing is Ilahi's life while Biji retorts that she will take away Ilahi's life as till the time she is alive, music will never be allowed in their household.

Her eyes fall onto the harmonium which she picks up and throws off the terrace while Ilahi's shouts for her to stop but fails as she watches the musical instrument breaking into many pieces.

Biji notices the photograph of Diljot which had fallen off the harmonium and throws it as well, seeing which Ilahi runs downstairs to catch it.

The entire family follows Ilahi downstairs as she saves the photo in her hand but Biji snatches it and throws it with the broken pieces of harmonium which are lit to fire thereafter.

Ilahi puts her hand in the flames to get the photo while Amarjot tends to her hands which are getting burned.

Meanwhile, Jordan gets called by Inder after the news of his being arrested by the polices gets printed on the first page of the newspaper.

Inder scolds him for ruining the family's reputation just because of his so-called passion for "music" which has never done any good to the family.

As Inder goes on insulting Jordan's singing, Jordan answers back in a low sound while Inder blames Madhu (Jordan's mother) for making Jordan this way.

Madhu comes there to stop the argument and sends Jordan out while she argues with Inder that he had his way with Varun and made Varun like him but with Jordan, she will fulfill her dreams. 

Meanwhile, Amarjot is tending to Ilahi's hands in her room when Biji comes there feeling bad for the way she behaved earlier.

However, she chides Ilahi that she had asked for one thing in return for all the things she had done for Ilahi and her father after DIljot left them.

Ilahi's aunt comes there to fuel the tamed fire and provokes Biji to not send Ilahi to college as she will ruin the family image.

Happy also supports his wife saying that Ilahi can do her college from open learning and get the same degree as regular students.

Ilahi contradicts this, however, her words fall on deaf ears and she goes to her room where she records a video for her mother like any other time and tells her about Biji restricting her from going to college.

Elsewhere, in Canada, Jahaan receives a scholarship cheque in the Gurudwara from a devotee while he is serving the other devotees.

Jahaan gets happy as he can arrange for the ticket to go to Punjab and get his professional training as well for the competition.

When his "Ustad Ji" doesn't pick up the call, he decides to take the admission to "Chandigarh University" to meet him there and learn music from him.

Further on, Jordan attends the Roka ceremony of his brother Varun as asked by Inder looking decent.

However, he gets provoked when Inder introduces him to a few business friends and tells them that he is going to join the business after passing the college, disregarding Jordan's passion for singing.

Jordan goes to his room and comes back after changing with his musical instrument and sings "Sada Haq" which embarrasses Inder.

Inder takes Jordan to the side, asking him to not show his face for the rest of the function.

Meanwhile, Ilahi with the help of her neighboring brother makes Biji agree to allow her to go to the college as they make Biji conscious that the girls having the degrees from open schooling make the groom's families reject them.

On the other hand, Jahaan also hugs goodbyes to his parents as he is all set to go to Punjab.

With a promise of fulfilling his dreams, he sits in the car which drives him in the direction of his dreams.

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