Junooniyat 16th February 2023 Written Update

Junooniyat 16th February 2023 Written Update

Today's Junooniyat 16th February 2023 episode starts with Jahan playing guitar while lying on a pillar near a gurdwara.

Jahaan in Hindustan 

He cannot play any tune due to being restless and even tries to write some lyrics but fails again.

At the same time, he gets a call from his mom, whom he greets very cheerfully, and tells his mom that he is living in a more comfortable hotel than any other hotel.

When Jahan mentions that he cannot write a tune for his new song due to a lack of inspiration, his father says that he will surely find inspiration in Chandigarh.

Ilahi's new beginning 

Meanwhile, Ilahi is recording herself and tells Diljot that she will soon win the competition somehow and will her and Seerat home very soon.

At the same time, Amarjot arrives there with sugar and curd for her as a sign of good luck causing Ilahi to tear up a bit because she was wishing Diljot to do this.

When Ilahi arrives in the hall, Biji tells her that she has seen Amarjot taking curd with him so she will cast off the evil eye for Ilahi.

Ilahi gets happy hearing this but her mood gets ruined when Biji starts mentioning that she hopes music leaves Ilahi’s life very soon.

First day at college 

Afterward, Ilahi’s bus stops in the middle of the road and Jordon and Jahan also stop their vehicles on the road simultaneously.

At the same time, The Great Indian Voice board passes by which makes Jordon, Jahan, and Ilahi’s eyes sparkle.

Afterward, Ilahi enters the college with hope shining in her eyes where she meets her friend.

Meanwhile, Jahan comes out of his auto to video call Dolly to show her the new college with excitement.

Jahaan makes Ilahi his muse!

Later, Ilahi is putting up a poster on the notice board when Jahan asks her if she knows the location of the orientation hall.

As Ilahi tells Jahan the wrong direction absent-mindedly, Jahan starts walking away but stops in his track when he hears the clinching sound of Ilahi's bangles.

The sound of Ilahi's bangles, her jhumka, and anklets sound music to Jahan's ears and he stops to admire the girl while Dolly's words about finding inspiration flash before his eyes.

He tries to see the face of his newfound inspiration but Ilahi's face gets covered with her long back hair due to the breeze while "Ek Haseena Se" plays in the background.

Jahaan impresses the girls

He walks away from there with a smile on his face so when Ilahi looks up, she finds no one.

On the other hand, Dolly and Mandeep get humiliated in their home for not paying the price for the sweets, and one of the family members even comments that Jahan has gone to live his dream after dumping his parents on them.

Meanwhile, the girls stare at confused Jahan in the washroom as he enters it thinking this is the orientation hall.

Jahan tries to walk away after mumbling an apology but the girls order him to do something nice for them since they are being nice to him.

When Jahan spreads his arm like Shahrukh Khan from the DDLJ movie, the girls start gushing at him and get butterflies in their stomachs as Jahan slightly brushes his fingers over their hands.

Jordan VS Ilahi musical battle

In the meantime, Jordon is having a rapping contest in the hall when Madhu tells the principal that Jordon is the best singer and will win the music competition in an arrogant voice.

However, Jordon's rapping does not impress Ilahi and she walks away from there saying that there will be competitors in the competition but she will win which Jordon hears.

Later, Ilahi is standing in a dark hall when Jordon arrives there and orders her to do a music battle with him since she is overconfident.

During the music battle, Jordon gets surprised as he is unable to sing anymore as Ilahi sings classical and does not even let him sing.

He gets so angry that the chandelier string drops from his hand and shatters on the floor.

Jordon to rag new students 

Afterward, Ilahi is walking in the yard when she finds Jahan's lyrics written on a piece of paper and even hears him playing mouth organ but does not find him anywhere.

Later, Jordon assembles all the new students in the hall for greeting and orders the new students to show their talent.

When it comes to Jahan's turn, Jordan orders him to lower himself which makes Jahan upset as he recalls his parents getting ill treatment and he refuses to kneel.

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