Junooniyat 17th February 2023 Written Update

Junooniyat 17th February 2023 Written Update

Today's Junooniyat 17th February 2023 episode starts with Jahan saying that he will sing whatever Jordan wants but he will not kneel with determination in his eyes.

Jordan and Jahan fight

Hearing this, Jordan stands up and announces that Jahan has an ego due to which he is ruining everyone’s mood here.

Jordan says that people forget about themselves due to music to which Jahan replies that his backbone does not need to adjust to Jordan’s stupid rules.

Jahan tries to walk away with his head held up high when Jordan’s friend snatches his diary away.

While Jordan smirks, Jahan gets nervous and Ilahi realizes that this diary is essential to Jahan.

At the same time, the principal walks in, causing everyone to get silent and Jordan lies that they are just doing meet & greet while maintaining eye contact with Jahan.

Once the principal leaves, Jahan and Jordan come throat-to-throat with each other.

Jordan orders Jahan to kneel and sing if he wants the diary back to which Jahan replies that he will never lower himself.

Jordan raises his hand to punch Jahan in the face but Jahan grabs his hand at the right time.

Ilahi comes to Jahan's rescue

While Jahan and Jordan eye each other with anger written on their faces, Jordan finds his mom, Madhu, walking on the balcony so he embraces Jahan in a hug, causing Jahan to get confused.

Once Jordan’s mom passes by, he pushes Jahan away with a smirk and walks away.

As Jordan’s friend is about to run away with Jahan’s diary, Ilahi puts forward her foot, causing the guy to trip and fall.

Ilahi gives Jahan his diary back with a smile and Jahan also walks away, without even saying thank you, which pisses Ilahi off and she decides to talk to Jahan about it.

Biji's determination

On the other hand, in Ilahi’s home, Biji tells Amarjyot that she has told him several times to stop drinking as no family will accept a girl with a drunk father.

She even states that she has sent Ilahi to a good college only because it increases the chance of finding a good groom for a girl who is a graduate.

While Amarjyot looks visibly upset, Biji announces that she will find a family who hates music as she knows music runs in Ilahi's blood.

Meanwhile, in college, Madhu watches the video of Jordan and Ilahi's music battle and says that Ilahi is good but not better than Jordan.

She eyes Ilahi arrogantly as Ilahi passes by the principal's room and mutters that only Jordan will win The Great Voice of India competition.

Elsewhere in Canada, Dolly and Mandeep get shattered as Dolly's brother orders them to pack their bags since a person is coming to stay with them.

Dolly begs her brother not to tell Jahan anything about it to which her brother replies that they have to leave now since that person will live in the basement.

Jordan fulfills his wish

Back in college, Ilahi finds Jahan sipping coffee in the cafe and she scolds him for not having any manners.

Jahan does not respond to Ilahi's words and continues sipping his coffee as if he is not bothered by Ilahi's words.

To annoy Jahan even more, Ilahi sits on the chair beside him while mumbling that she has forgiven him for his rude behavior but Jahan walks away.

Afterward, Jahan is playing the mouth organ while sitting on a bench which Ilahi hears from the cafeteria and she starts looking for the mysterious "shayar" (poet).

However, when she arrives in the yard, she finds Jordan throwing a firecracker at Jahan causing him to lower himself.

Jordan tells Jahan that he accomplishes his mission by hook or by crook but his smirk wipes off when Jahan mentions that he has kneeled in front of God only.

Afterward, Jordan lures Jahan to the music room by making her friend conjure up the lie that the music room has a studio and Jahan runs to see it.

Later, Ilahi is wishing to God to help her win the competition while Jordan and Jahan come throat-to-throat with each other in the background.

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