Junooniyat 21st February 2023 Written Update

Junooniyat 21st February 2023 Written Update

Today's Junooniyat 21st February 2023 episode starts with Jahaan getting confused to see Ilahi so upset. 

Ilahi hugs her knees and hyperventilates, imagining what Biji's reaction would be once she will get to know that she is trapped inside a room with an unknown boy.

Jahaan asks Ilahi to calm down but she doesn't, making Jahaan worried about how long they will have to be stuck in this room.

He offers her water and she gulps it down completely anxiously.

On the other hand, the family members of Ilahi, including her aunt and her husband reach Husna's home to interrogate Ilahi.

Husna gets nervous seeing them all of a sudden while Ilahi's aunt asks her where Ilahi is.

Ilahi's aunt as a matter of taunt tells Husna that they have come here to fetch her while Husna points toward the terrace, telling them that Ilahi is teaching her sister.

In reality, it is Husna's grandmother sitting with her back faced so it seems as if Ilahi is there on the terrace with him.

Husna grumbles under her breath and goes to make some snacks for Ilahi's family until she returns from college, safe and sound.

On the other hand, Jahaan spends his time exploring the keyboard kept in the music room while Ilahi says that it doesn't seem as if Jahaan in any way is connected to music like her.

Jahaan doesn't respond to Ilahi but internally states that music is his soul and passion.

Meanwhile, Jordan is making a new rap in his house using cups, and utensils and amuses his grandparents with the newfound tone and lyrics.

His grandfather taunts him that he seems to be in a good mood and asks if he made any trouble yet or not to which Jordan is forced to think about the trouble he has caused Jahaan by locking him in the college.

Back in the music room, Ilahi asks Jahaan about his family and he reveals that he has parents and uncles.

Ilahi gets excited, thinking about Jahaan's mother being in a favourable condition for having brothers.

In Vancouver, Canada, Dolly (Jahaan's mother) along with her husband are taunted by Pooja and Neetu (Jahaan's aunts) who says that they have tolerated them for long 20 years.

Jahaan's father and mother walk out of the house before handing a copy of Guru Nanak's picture to Dolly's brother.

Back in India, Jahaan tells Ilahi that nothing is better than to keep one's parents happy and Ilahi is forced to think that Jahaan must love his family a lot. 

Meanwhile, Biji also comes to Husna's home and realizes that Husna was lying and forces her to go with her to Ilahi's college.

Jordan's mother gets a call from the college stating that a girl is locked out and her family is causing drama due to it.

Jordan hurriedly calls Raghu, the peon, who locked Jahaan, and asks him who the girl is.

Hurriedly, Jordan then tells his mother that he will accompany her to the college as well before his name gets leaked for this.

Meanwhile, Husna is forced to tell Biji that Ilahi is stuck in the recording room but she doesn't reveal Jahaan's name.

Later, Ilahi says that this is not a movie where the door will be opened up with a pin. 

Suddenly, Ilahi hears her mother's voice, making her lose balance while Jahaan rescues her from falling.

At that exact moment, the guard opens the door upon Biji's request and Ilahi says that she got locked mistakenly as she was going to the library.

Biji scolds Ilahi, stating she shouldn't pursue music while Jordan's mother also arrives there and asks Ilahi she must have done something to get locked inside.

Later, seeing a handkerchief wrapped around Ilahi's hand, Biji questions where it came from while Jordan thinks about where Jahaan could be.

Later, hiding underneath the table covered with a white cloth, Jahaan peaks out and watches Ilahi go.

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