Junooniyat 22nd February 2023 Written Update

Junooniyat 22nd February 2023 Written Update

Today's Junooniyat 22nd February 2023 episode starts with Ilahi going back to her home in an autorickshaw while she thinks about Jahaan still stuck in the recording room.

Ginni adds fuel to the fire and provokes Biji by saying that this is what Ilahi does in the college and tells Biji to get her married first.

Ilahi gets hurt by Ginni's words while she thinks about how to get Jahaan out of that room without anyone knowing about it.

Ilahi upon reaching home calls up Husna and asks her to go to the college in the night and help Jahaan escape.

Meanwhile, Jahaan searches for something in his bag but is not able to find it.

Jordan on the other hand thinks about not being able to spot Jahaan as he clearly instructed Raghu to lock Mr. Canada inside.

Jordan then thinks that Ilahi could be lying about no one being in the room and decides to search for Jahaan himself.

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