Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Se 19th May 2022 Written Update

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Se 19th May 2022 Written Update

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Se 19th May 2022 Written Update: KKIS written update

Today's Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Sey 19th May 2022 episode starts with everybody reaching the wedding venue and waiting for Gungun to arrive.

As soon as Gungun enters the wedding hall, her eyes search for Anubhav.

Ranvijay asks Maya to turn on the music as he wishes to welcome his bride with a dance.

Maya asks Akriti to ask her family members to join the dance too to keep the pride of the bride’s side.

Everyone starts dancing to different songs.

Akriti holds Anubhav’s hands and asks him to join too, but Anubhav says that he is not in the mood to dance.

Anubhav cannot bear the sight of Gungun dancing with Ranvijay and decides to leave the hall but Gungun holds his hand and starts dancing around him. She makes sure that he doesn’t leave.

Everybody is confused about Gungun’s actions.

As soon as the song gets over Gungun tightly holds Anubhav’s hand. She confesses to him that no one other than him has the right to touch her and if he wants to let go of her, she will leave forever.

Having said that, Gungun faints and Anubhav is left in shock.

The doctor says that Gungun’s pulse rate is rapidly decreasing and they need to immediately rush her to the hospital.

Anubhav carries her in his arms toward his car.

Ranvijay trying to get Gungun is stopped by Chanchal and others saying that matters like these require love and not muscles.

Ranvijay ignores them and calls out for Anubhav. He says that he will take Gungun to the hospital.

Anubhav is in no condition to listen to anyone. He takes Gungun along with him.

Maya accuses the Kulshreshta house of Gungun’s condition. She asks for an explanation for Anubhav’s behavior.

In the meanwhile, Anubhav begs the doctor to save Gungun’s life.

The doctor says that Gungun has attempted suicide, and asks Anubhav to find the reason behind it.

Anubhav is devastated listening to this and remembers the words spoken by Gungun that he would one day regret saying hurtful things to her.

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