Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Se 29th June 2022 Written Update

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Se 29th June 2022 Written Update

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Se 29th June 2022 Written Update: KKIS written update

Today's Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Sey 29th June 2022 episode starts with Dean suggesting that Anubhav get over Gungun as he is unable to focus on his work.

Anubhav asks for some time as he is finding it difficult to move on.

On the other hand, Ranvijay arrives to get his check signed by Gungun.

Further, Garima arrives at Anubhav's office to ask for help as Gungun is marrying Ranvijay.

Anubhav says that he cannot do anything about it as Gungun is fully aware of what is right or wrong and Garima should not be here as Akriti will be hurt if she finds out she came here.

Further, Chanchal tries to talk to Anubhav and make her understand that Ranvijay is not right for her.

Anubhav informs Chanchal that Ranvijay is the one who gave the major leads in his kidnapping.

Further, Chanchal, Yug, and Ankit ask Anubhav to find out the reason behind Gungun getting married and talk to Gungun.

On the other hand, Gungun burns her old memories with Anubhav and cries.

Gungun receives a call from Anubhav where Anubhav asks her to meet.

Anubhav is shocked to hear Gungun's rude behavior and says he wants to meet her to talk about something important for the last time and will not bother her again.

Further, Akriti arrives at the institute and is welcomed by her teammates.

Akriti's teammates ask her various questions about Anubhav and Gungun where Akriti says that everything is true.

Akriti's colleagues ask Akriti for a treat at the coffee shop.

At the same time, Anubhav invites Gungun to meet him at a coffee shop at 5 pm.

Further, Akriti calls Anubhav and asks him to meet her colleagues but Anubhav denies and says he has an important meeting.

On the other hand, Ranvijay's dad asks Ranvijay about his plan to scam Gungun and is worried about Garima as she will not let Gungun give them money.

Further, Gungun meets Anubhav and asks the reason behind him calling her at the coffee shop.

Anubhav informs Gungun that Ranvijay was the one who played a part in his kidnapping.

Gungun is shocked to hear this news about Ranvijay and breaks down.

Gungun starts crying and says she has promised someone to leave Anubhav and cannot tell his name.

On the other hand, Akriti arrives at the same cafe with her colleagues where her colleagues taunt Akriti as they see Anubhav with his girlfriend.

Further, Akriti feels humiliated and screams Anubhav's name out loud.

Gungun and Anubhav are shocked to see Akriti at the same cafe.

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