Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 29th January 2022 Written Update

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 29th January 2022 Written Update

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 29th January 2022 Written Update: KKIS W U

Today's Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Sey 29 Jan episode starts with Charudutt handing back everyone their passbooks.

The whole Kulshrestha family rejects this decision and denies taking responsibility for their accounts.

No matter how much everyone begs and pleads with Charudutt to take back his decision, Charudutt holds his ground.

Fed up with everyone’s indifference towards and Charudutt’s new decisions, Anubhav decides to speak up.

Anubhav asks Charudutt not to punish him like that.

Anubhav agrees to marry whoever Charudutt chooses for him, to which Charudutt tells him that he need not do something which his heart doesn’t agree to.

Anubhav still agrees but has one condition, which that is the Kulshresthas stay by his side if Anubhav and Gungun’s marriage doesn’t work out and they get a divorce.

The whole family except Charudutt is lashing out at Anubhav with their concerns.

Charudutt accepts this condition and tells everyone that Anubhav believes in Charudutt’s decision.

The next day, the whole family is gathered together for Chaavi’s BA result.

Everyone is sure that she would score well, while Chandrup, Chanchal, and Goli reminisce memories of their BA exams.

Although after checking Chaavi’s result, Anubhav closes the laptop, keeping the whole family in suspense.

On the other hand, Dr. Riddhesh is extremely disappointed at Gungun who also received her BA exam results.

Gungun has failed in all the subjects.

Gungun promises to study well and fare better marks next time, but Dr. Riddhesh doesn’t believe in her. Neither does her aunt, Garima.

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