Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 10th December 2023 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 10th December 2023 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 10th December 2023 episode starts with Bhavani picking up the call and getting shocked to hear that a lady constable is talking to her on the other side.

The constable tells Bhavani that Amruta has been arrested due to the charge of stealing a credit card which leaves Bhavani stunned and everyone gathers around her.

Bhavani says that Amruta cannot commit such a crime to which the constable says that they can dot for their daughter once they come to the police station.

Hearing the constable asking them to bring a lawyer too, Bhavani gets worried and starts panicking about how they can arrange for such a thing without the help of anyone.

Jahan asks Bhavani to calm down as they will surely think of something while Amruta requests the constable to let her make a call to someone.

The constable allows Amruta and she calls Virat while he and Sheki are partying in the car and Virat rejects the call seeing that it is from the police station.

Amruta goes back to jail while Bhavani comes to Jayesh's apartment to ask for his help so that she can free Amruta from jail.

Ishika opens the door and says that she has already asked Jayesh for his help after discovering that Amruta is in jail but he has refused to do anything.

Bhavani is shocked to hear that and tells Ishika that she needs to talk to Jayesh once but Ishika lies that Jayesh is not home.

As Bhavani calls Jayesh, Ishika sneakily hangs up the call and texts Bhavani that he does not have anything to so with Amruta as Jayesh.

Meanwhile, Virat and Sheki arrive home and discover the credit card issue which makes Virat a bit surprised as no one in the family knows that he has given Amruta her job back.

Babita says that she does not care about Amruta and her mother after which Virat and Sheki get out of the house by making excuses so that they can get Amruta out of jail.

The police inspector tells Amruta that she needs to request the other party so that no FIR is lodged when Virat and Sheki come there and tell Amruta that they will help her.

However, Amruta reads the papers given by Virat which asks her to leave the job as a condition and tries to convince Virat that she needs the job.

Seeing Virat not budging from his decision, Amruta is about to sign the papers but Bhavani comes there to get Amruta out of jail.

Virat hides the papers and Bhavani says that Amruta has not stolen anything and they do not want an FIR lodged against them.

Amruta gets the idea that she will be proved innocent once the investigation is done and says that the police should lodge the FIR.

Virat gets nervous as Amruta talks about the CCTV footage and withdraws the complaint saying that everything is sorted.

Amruta gets released from jail and hugs Bhavani while Virat tears the deal papers and walks out of there with Sheki.

End of Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye today's episode written update. To download KMTMG Hindi Serial all episodes or watch today's full episode (10 December 2023) online, go to zee5.com

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