Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 10th May 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 10th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye starts with Virat saying to Amrita that her efforts are ok but Babita won't eat Laddos from her while Amrita says that she knows it but due to it she can't stop to act like Ahuja's daughter in law.

Just then, Babita calls Virat which scares Amrita and Virat and Virat hides with Amrita aside and they share a close moment.

After that, Amrita reminds him that they are faking marriage and doing an act to catch the culprit while Virat gets furious and firm to catch the person who is behind hurting Amrita and demolishing his name and character.

Further, Amrita reminds him that Babita was calling him while Virat says that secretly meeting was her idea and they share a cute banter after which Virat leaves.

The next day, Amrita comes to Ahuja's house with the wedding stuff and laddoos, she asks them to finish their breakfast fast as Pandit Ji must be coming soon to fix their wedding date and she wants a grand wedding.

After that, she wishes mother's day to Babita and tries to feed her a laddo but Babita throws them away while the other society ladies also come there to wish Babita mother's day.

Meanwhile, Babita greets them well just then Ishika comes there and taunts Babita on Amrita and Virat's wedding after which, Ishika tags Amrita as gold digger and asks her if she won't wish her step mother mother's day.

Further, Amrita feeds Bhavani ladoos wishing her while Pandit Ji comes and asks for Amrita and Virat's horoscope while Bebe refuses to give Virat's horoscope.

After that, Amrita calls Virat and asks the horoscope from him while Ishika taunts Bhavani for not working and living on her husband's money and then teaching the same to Amrita.

However, Amrita gives a befitting reply to Ishika and challenges her that Bhavani will earn money in 12 hours as well as her wedding date will be fixed in 12 hours.

Later, Babita seems worried thinking about it and Virat wishes her mother's day after which she shows her disappointment with Virat and Amrita's wedding while Virat thinks if he should tell Babita about their plan.

There, Amrita motivates Bhavani to earn money while Bhavani says that she has no skill just then Amrita gets an idea and she asks Bhavani to take food orders.

On the other hand, Virat asks Babita to support him with whatever is happening as he has no other option while Babita takes a promise from him that he won't marry Amrita and says that she can't accept Amrita as his wife.

Further, after Virat's departure she calls Suresh to make the wedding cancel while Amrita goes to print posters of Bhavani's new work after which Bhavani and Jahaan feel proud of her.

Meanwhile, Virat distracts Abhiraj in mother's day planning to get the data from his phone to cross-check and thinks to take Ishika's data next.

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