Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 11th March 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 11th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye episode starts with Amrita thanking Raj for helping her despite being a stranger.

Just then, Raj turns around and sees Virat, hugs him, and then asks him why he is troubling Amrita who is innocent and is struggling to prove her innocence but he doesn't even listen to her.

After that, Amrita asks Raj if he knows Virat, to which Virat says that his full name is Abhiraj and then Abhiraj adds that he is Virat's cousin.

Further, Virat asks him how's he in Mumbai, to which he jokes that he is here to help strangers and states to Amrita that now he is free from Virat while Virat asks him to not intervene.

This makes Abhiraj say that he had already intervened when the police came and gave a clean chit to Amrita.

After that, Abhiraj asks Virat to apologize to Amrita but Virat stays shut, just then Amrita's family comes and curses Virat for trapping Amrita in a false case but Shekhar apologizes to them on Virat's behalf.

Just then, he receives a call so he goes aside to attend to it while Virat tries to take leave.

However, Amrita states to Virat that if she had made on mistake then she would have apologized to him and that's what her mother has taught.

Meanwhile, Abhiraj jokes that Babita aka his Maasi says that we should never apologize as it decreases their height and Virat obeys her that's why he is tall.

There, Virat tries to leave the place getting irritated just then Shekhar comes to Virat and tells him that Tara confessed in her statement that Rajeev is her alley from the start of the plan.

After that, Amrita comes to Virat and asks if he would have trusted her then they wouldn't had to face the situation.

Further, they come to Ahuja's house to confront Rajeev but Babita rebukes Amrita for blaming Rajeev, just then Nimrit comes and Virat asks Nimrit to call Rajeev as they (Virat & Amrita) want to question him.

Meanwhile, Nimrit taunts Virat for siding with Amrita and says that she won't listen to anything against Rajeev while Virat shouts Rajeev's name as Rajeev comes Virat confronts him for stealing the money and asks him to confess the truth.

However, Rajeev tries to convince Nimrit that he is innocent and her family always makes fake allegations about him while Amrita thinks Rajeev is manipulating Nimrit again.

There, Amrita's family gets happy with the fact that Amrita is proven innocent, to which Bhavani thanks god for it, while Ishika comes and says that Amrita has manipulated the police and Virat that's why they released her without proof and calls her a thief, which angers Bhavani and she twisted Ishika's hand rebuking her and makes her fall on the ground.

On the other hand, Rajeev tries to convince Babita that he is innocent while Dildar says he is not otherwise, Tara wouldn't have taken his name, to which Virat asks him to confess the truth but Rajeev stays adamant that he doesn't have a relationship with Tara and she is framing him.

Further, Nimrit blames Amrita for helping Tara in stealing money from Virat's account and framing Rajeev.

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