Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 12th April 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 12th April 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye episode starts with Bhavani telling them that she doesn’t need to vacant the terrace as she has done all the preparations which makes Ishika and Babita sad and they go.

Amruta thinks to herself that she needs to expose Ishika as soon as possible.

Later, Bhavani thinks to herself that she will happily leave this place if Amruta gets the job when Amruta thinks that she needs to keep Bhavani away from the drama of Jayesh’s marriage and project Virat from Ishika.

Meanwhile, Virat tells Shekhar that someone has trapped Jahan since it is still vacant Shekhar asks him if he is okay with Amruta going to Benglore while Abhiraj overhears them.

On the other hand, Ishika gets ready in Marathi attire and says that today she will steal the limelight when the doorbell rings.

She finds a girl who she invites inside and that girl tells her that Virat is investigating the who is the real owner of Virat Corporations and will surely get to know who is behind Jahan’s house scam.

This makes Ishika worried as she says that she hasn’t even been told about Babita and thus she won't help her.

In the meantime, Amruta, and Bhavani get ready for the festival while Jahan also comes downstairs looking pretty and they hug each other.

Harsh enters the terrace with Dhol with full enthusiasm while Virat also gets ready and looks at Amruta who is doing the preparations.

The ladies of the society arrive and they compliment the decorations when Bhavani calls Amruta and they do the decorations while Amruta reminds her that every year she used to do decorations at Jahan’s place.

On the flip side, Deepika does to Ishika who has something black on her forehead while she asks her to come to the celebration ASAP.

She leaves while Amruta, Jhan, and Bhavani give a dance performance along with other ladies and Bhavani also invites Virat to dance which infuriates Babita.

Ishika is also there and she sees Shekhar with a file and thinks that he must have come here to expose her while he goes to Virat telling him the file has the culprit.

Virat sees it and he gets worried he goes to Babita straight away saying that he wants to talk to her and they leave while Ishika worries about what is going to happen and how it will ruin everything.

She plans to run away when she meets Abhiraj who asks her what is up while Virat tells Babita that she is behind all the mess with Jahan’s house which makes her shocked.

Concurrently, Abhiraj talks to Ishika telling her that he knows that she was behind Jahan’s house scam but she hasn’t told any of this to Virat and Babita while Babita thinks that Virat is accusing her of snatching Jahan’s house.

He demands Ishita to do what he says if she doesn’t want him to tell everyone the truth.

On the flip side, Virat asks her why she did that while Babita is shocked to see him accuse her and asks her not to talk to her this way.

They both get into an argument and Babita shouts at him.

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