Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 13th May 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 13th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye episode starts with Amrita walking thinking about how she and Virat are forced to lie to Virat's family and hopes that they'll soon catch the culprit to stop the fake marriage drama.

Meanwhile, she notices Bhavani is crying so she comes to Bhavani and asks her if she is missing Dnyaneshwari after which Bhavani says that Dnyaneshwari has got to know about Amrita and Virat's wedding which shocks Amrita.

Bhavani adds, that Harsh and Dnyaneshwari thinks Virat isn't the right guy for her while Amrita assures Bhavani that it's important to do drama to catch the culprit who has defamed Virat's name.

After that, Bhavani says that Dnyaneshwari is already broken after Jayesh's act and now she is feeling like they are betraying her thus she has declared that if Bhavani doesn't stop their wedding Dnyaneshwari will break ties with them.

Further, Bhavani says that they should tell Dnyaneshwari about fake marriage but Amrita stops her saying that it can't spoil their plan of catching the culprit thus they can't tell her.

She says that she'll convince Dnyaneshwari once the drama will be over and also talk with Harsh after which Ahuja's family decorates for Amrita and Virat's engagement which makes Babita angry.

Meanwhile, Babita says that she won't let Virat marry Amrita but Kavita says that if it doesn't happen then they all will end up in jail.

After that, Deepika asks her to accept the wedding and shows her the engagement plate of Maharashtrian style prepared by her but Babita throws it way.

There, Amrita tries to talk with Harsh and pacify him but Harsh rebukes her asking her to let him leave alone after which Amrita asks him to trust her while Harsh asks the reason of her decision.

Further, Amrita denies to tell him the reason so Harsh angrily leaves while Amrita sees her alter ego which questions her if she doesn't marrying Virat willingly and when she denies the alter ego suggests her to re-think her decision.

Just then, Virat comes to Amrita to talk with her but Amrita doesn't pay attention to him while Virat says that he has got information about the culprit but now he won't tell Amrita about it and leaves.

Meanwhile, Amrita tries to stop him but in vain after which Bhavani asks her to calm down and focus on catching the culprit as she is with her.

There, Dildar tries to calm Babita saying that Amrita always does the things in their favour so they should trust her but Babita leaves from there saying Amrita is her enemy as well as the people who supports her.

On the other hand, Shekhar makes Virat ready for the engagement in Maharashtrian attire which Virat doesn't like and wishes to end fake marriage drama soon.

After that, Shekhar expresses how their relationship has progressed and Virat agrees after which he states that they'll catch the culprit who has defamed Amrita.

Just then, Amrita comes there and praises his look after which she requests him to tell her the information while Virat tells her that he has got the phone of the person who leaked images thus they can reach the culprit by finding about the number who called the person.

There, Babita thinks that she can't let Virat find out that she is the culprit.

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