Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 15th March 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 15th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye episode starts with Virat and his family coming onto the terrace where Amrita's family is having fun and gets shocked to see them.

Meanwhile, Amrita welcomes them and talks sweetly to them tagging them as neighbors while Virat says it's their house only and Babita and Nimrit are angry, to which Amrita asks Harsh to turn on the lights and then shows their nameplate on which it is written Bhavani and Jahaan's Kaur house and welcomes them in their house.

After that, Babita gets angry saying it's their house and if someone snatches their house fooling them it doesn't mean, they'll occupy their house.

Further, Amrita asks Babita to calm down and talk while having coffee and also offers Chole Bhature to Dildar which makes him happy.

Meanwhile, Virat interrupts and doesn't let him eat then states to Amrita that it's their terrace and they can't occupy it.

However, Amrita keeps asking them to calm down while Virat murmurs that Amrita knows she is wrong then why she is doing that, to which Amrita replies it's because of Virat so he should be angry with himself.

Meanwhile, Virat says that he has already told her that he isn't responsible for her loss and even he was concerned for her.

After that, Amrita says that as he was concerned for her then she has found the solution so doesn't he want her to stick with the solution?

Further, Babita asks Virat to do something to oust Amrita's family from the house while Virat goes from there, after which Abhiraj comes there and Babita asks him to fight and oust Amrita's family from the house.

Just then, Amrita's family gets ready to fight with their homely weapons.

However, Abhiraj refuses to fight saying Amrita's family doesn't harm them but just cooks while Dildar also doesn't fight when asked.

After that, the guards come to fight with Amrita's family but the family beats the guard and then Amrita asks Ahuja's family to not trigger them more.

Just then, a guard attacks Amrita with a stick from behind but Virat saves her.

Then, he scolds the guards for the attack and shoos them from there while he says that it's not his level and he has called the police for Amrita but she looks unaffected.

Further, Amrita's family worries about the police's arrival but Amrita consoles them saying Ahuja's family has humiliated them a lot but now it's their chance as the police will come to their house.

Outside, Babita curses Amrita and her family while Virat calms her down.

After that, Dildar says that there must be any reason behind Amrita's action, and Abhiraj supports him while Virat bad mouth about Amrita and her family.

He asks Abhiraj to stay out of the matter as he knows nothing about them but Abhiraj says he has met Amrita, to which Virat asks him to stay away from Amrita as she is his but then covers.

Further, the police arrive to arrest Amrita's family and Virat calls them while Ishika also comes there to show fake sympathy and gets happy with Amrita's family arrest.

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