Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 17th January 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 17th January 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 17th January 2024 episode starts with Virat and Amruta stepping away from each other and staring awkwardly after which Amruta texts Bhavani that they can go on their planned trip.

Virat asks Amruta how Bhavani is after coming back to which Amruta replies that she is doing better but Virat stops Amruta from saying anything further.

Virat says that both of them are professionals and should act like one which is why Amruta should not act special toward him because of his actions earlier.

Amruta feels a bit hurt as Virat says that she is nothing special to him after which she also clarifies that she hugged Virat out of nervousness when he freed her from that locked storehouse.

After the confessions, Virat tells Amruta that he wants her to transfer money for Nimrit as she has asked for 5 crores for charity purposes but Virat suspects that Rajeev has asked Nimmi to ask for the money.

Virat asks Amruta to transfer the money directly to the NGO's account and inform him if anything goes wrong, and he walks away from there.

Meanwhile, Bhavani is happy to hear that Amruta has got a holiday from her job and they can plan their trip to Mahabaleshwar after which she notices someone calling on her phone.

Dnayeshwari (Jayesh's mother) calls Bhavani and asks her why Jayesh is not picking up the calls which leaves Bhavani stunned.

Bhavani asks Dnayeshwari where she is to which Dnayeshwari replies that she is coming to visit them which is why they should prepare themselves to answer her questions.

After the call ends, Bhavani trembles in nervousness and tells Harsh and Jahan that they need to do something as Dnayeshwari is coming to see them and she does not know about the divorce situation.

Meanwhile, Amruta asks Nimrit to give her the account details of the NGO but Nimmi asks her to transfer the money directly to her account and not say anything to Virat about it.

Dnayeshwari reaches the society and is busy giving money to the auto driver while Babita and Bebe wait in their car to leave through that pathway.

Babita decides to drive the car by the side but pushes Dnayeshwari while passing by which causes a hassle and Dnayeshwari directly sits on Babita's car after stopping it.

As Babita threatens to call the police, Dnayeshwari says that she is ready to lodge a hit-and-run case against them which makes the Ahujas nervous.

Amruta notices Dnayeshwari and comes to hug her after which she gets down the car on Amruta's request while Babita comments that she should have guessed that the lady must be from Amruta's family.

Dnayeshwari asks to call the police but Bebe asks her to forget what happened, asking Amruta to take her grandmother away with her.

Amruta gets a message from Harsh asking her to stop and distract Dnayeshwari downstairs while they manage things at home after which Amruta and her grandma bump into Virat.

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