Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 17th March 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 17th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye episode starts with Amrita smiling even after the police arrival while Virat asks the police to arrest Amrita taunting her to be excited to go to jail.

Meanwhile, Babita taunts Amrita saying that the age Amrita should wear bangles of marriage, she is wearing handcuffs to get arrested also Virat taunts her asking if she likes living in jail thus she is happy.

Further, Virat makes her wear handcuffs and asks the police to arrest her while Amrita says that she is ok with the arrest but before that, she wants to know her crime.

After that, Virat angrily says that she and her family illegally occupied their terrace that's why she has to be arrested, to which Amrita asks the police to come to the terrace with her so everyone goes to the terrace.

There, Amrita tells the police that the terrace of the building is for everyone's use and does not belong to any one family what Ahuja's family is claiming.

Meanwhile, Virat opposes her saying it's false and Amrita is trying to fool them but can't, to which Amrita says that they are very sharp but immature too.

After that, she asks Jahaan to explain, to which she tells them that the builder only sold them their flat in which the terrace isn't included as it's for society's common use, but their interior design (Ishika) decorated the terrace too for extra money saying it belongs to them.

Further, Jahaan reveals that she knows that all because the building plot is owned by her father-in-law.

Later, Amrita mentions the stairs which are connected to the terrace for the same reason but Ahuja's family loves to claim things and wants things to happen as per their wish.

However, as per the current scenario, it's Ahuja's family who has occupied society's property.

Meanwhile, the police say that they have to investigate through the municipality to know society's rules while Dildar and Abhiraj try to solve the matter and ask the police to go but Virat asks them to arrest Amrita as papers might be fake.

Further, he states that if they can't oust Amrita and her family then he will drag Amrita from there, after which they share a banter at the stairs while Amrita locks Virat's hand in handcuff with her and throws the key to prevent him from ousting her.

There, Ishika acts to convince Bhavani to leave Ahuja's terrace as they have huge connections to trouble them while Chitnis's family can't fight them.

However, Bhavani taunts her for occupying her house and warns her.

On the other hand, Virat struggles to find the key while he and Amrita fight so Amrita tries to get away from him but can't due to handcuffs, to which Virat asks if she wants to get away from him and then why occupied his terrace.

After that, Amrita says it's her helplessness while Virat tauntingly asks if Amrita has started loving him, to which Amrita says that Virat has given no chance to her to fall in love.

Further, something falls in Amrita's eyes and Virat helps her and then covers himself saying that if anything happens to her, he has to take her to the hospital.

They argue and later share a romantic moment.

The End.

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