Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 18th March 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 18th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye episode starts with something falling in Amrita's eye and Virat helps her saying if he won't help her then how she'll glare at him.

After that, Amrita angrily says that Virat should unlock the handcuffs first and in the meantime trips on Virat.

Further, Virat says that as far as he tries to go from her she comes close to him, to which Amrita says that he has to be with her now and has to face whatever she faces.

There, Deepika and Nimrit tell Abhiraj what they had to face due to Amrita and ask him to not side with Amrita.

Meanwhile, Abhiraj is shocked and says that if he had known that they were in such a problem he would have arrived before also Virat makes decisions impulsively but he'll do whatever is good for the whole family, even if he behaves to side with Amrita.

On the other hand, Virat and Amrita struggle to open the handcuffs while Virat taunts Amrita saying if she likes to be around him that's why she locked the handcuffs, to which Amrita calls him self-obsessed and tells him maybe that's the reason he named the company as King Virat Cooperation.

However, Virat denies her claim and says that he hasn't stolen Jahaan's house, he isn't the type of person but Amrita doesn't believe him.

Further, she unlocks the handcuffs by taking out the key and says she has unlocked the handcuffs but Virat can't get rid of her until he returns their house to and says sorry to her.

There, Amrita comes back and informs her family that Virat doesn't agree to return the house but she'll compel him to do it and then they prepare to sleep.

Meanwhile, Virat sees it from his room, just then Babita comes there and says that she won't let Amrita and her family stay there occupying their terrace while Virat supports her and vows to oust Amrita's family from there, then he and Amrita share an eye lock.

There, Abhiraj sees them and tells his mother that Bebe gave their property to Dildar and Virat but now he'll get back their rights on it by bringing Ahuja's family on the roads and Amrita will help them in it.

Further, Amrita and Virat keep sharing an eye lock while Babita gets Ishika's message that soon the lights will go off as per her wish, to which Babita gets happy and thinks until the morning Amrita's family will be out of the house.

Meanwhile, Virat thinks that Amrita could have gone anywhere but she came here to irritate him, just then Shekhar comes there on Virat calling him and gets shocked to see Amrita.

After that, Virat shares his discomfort with him about Amrita coming there and tells him how can he steal Jahaan's house when he asks him to search for a house for Amrita, to which Shekhar says that he has found the house in the same building and give it to Amrita under the pretext of lottery.

Just then, Abhiraj comes there and tells them and Amrita won't accept it as she has self-respect while Virat and Abhiraj argue and Virat suspects Abhiraj's intentions.

Further, he states to Shekhar that he'll trouble Amrita to the extent she leaves the house while Jahaan overhears it and Abhiraj asks her to not feel bad.

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