Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 1st February 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 1st February 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 1st February 2024 episode starts with Virat taking the chit out of the bowl and reading Amruta's name and says that he accepts the challenge as she has not seen their avatar.

He says that now the competition will be fun to which Amruta says that he did not pick the opponent's chit but the partner's one.

Dnyaneshwari says that they will have to tie their legs together and hold a lemon in a spoon that will be in their mouth and then they have to run.

Virat says that he knows she is kidding as it is not easy to fool him to which Dnyawshwari says that she does not even need to try.

However, everyone tells Virat that no one is joking and this is the game.

Virat tells Dnyaneshwari that he is happy that there will be spoons in their mouth which means that Amruta will keep her mouth shut.

Amruta says that she has a record at playing and does not want to lose because of him.

Gautum then picks the chits and gets Shekhar as his partner.

Meanwhile, Harsh ties Amruta and Virat's legs together which makes Amruta trip over Virat while he holds her.

Elsewhere, Ishika goes to Jayesh and says that Bhavani is trying to compete with her and then asks him to send his mom as soon as possible.

Dnyaneshwari says that Gautum is a good-for-nothing sort of fiance as he should have taken Amruta as his partner.

Meanwhile, Shekhar tells Babita that Virat has gone to a meeting with Dildaar but Babita looks at him in suspicion.

Ishika goes to Babita and tells her that Virat and Dildaar are downstairs and are celebrating along with Amruta.

She continues to say that maybe Virat has started liking Amruta after which she leaves.

Back downstairs, all the partners are ready with their lemons and partners after which Dnyaneshwari gives out a whistle commencing the competition.

Elsewhere, Jayesh goes to Bhavani and asks her what the hell is she wearing as she should not try these kinds of dresses and should learn something from his classy Ishika.

Bhavani asks Jayesh to shut up as he does not have any say in her life.

The competition has started and Amruta helps Virat who is about to trip and after that, they start balancing again.

Gautam's lemon falls which makes him start again from the beginning while Virat asks Amruta to speed up or else they will lose.

Dildaar praises Amruta's balance as she takes herself and Virat towards victory.

Meanwhile, Ishika takes Jayesh to a corner and tells her that Dnyaneshwari is inquiring everyone about Virat's marital status.

Now, Amruta and Virat are almost to the finish line.

Ishika sees Dnyaneshwari and pretends to talk on the phone and says how can someone not know how rich Virat is however he is divorced and now Babita is looking for a bride but Virat has some other love interest.

Dnyaneshwari thinks to herself that Virat must be after Amruta and she needs to save her granddaughter.

Dnyaneshwari then sees how Virat is holding Amruta on her bare waist as she is trying to reach the finish line which makes her worried.

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