Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 1st June 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 1st June 2024 Written Update

Today's Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye episode starts with Virat coming outside while the inspector asks him if Babita is ready to give official statement now after which Virat says he knows they want formal complaint but he needs sometime for that.

Just then, Shekhar comes and tells Virat that the investigation team has found the goons who attacked them and they are waiting for them at the house.

After that, they went to the house and find the goons seeing them Virat says that they are the ones who kidnapped them and leaked their photos while the inspector says that they have done it on someone's orders.

Further, Amrita asks them to reveal who asked them to that while Babita talks with Kavita and says that she has sent Dildar to take care of Bebe thus Kavita and Abhiraj have to keep an eye on Virat.

She instructs her to not leave Virat alone with Amrita wherever he goes to find culprits while she has to continue her act of being sick for some more days.

Just then, Abhiraj comes and assures Babita also tells her that the investigation team has found the goons so Babita asks them to act shocked while Amrita asks the goons to tell them the truth after which the goon says that Amrita is the one who asked them to attack then why now she is asking them to confess the truth.

This makes everyone shocked while Amrita tries to defend herself that she hasn't done anything but Virat questions her that if they are lying then if she wants to say his mother is culprit who was already critical.

Meanwhile, Amrita continues to prove her point then says if Virat doesn't have trust on her then she'll leave for Bangalore but Virat asks her to come to the carnival to find the culprit.

There, Nimrit messages Babita about the same after which she asks Abhiraj and Kavita to accompany Virat and not let Harsh know about their act while they should inform Dildar that she wants discharge.

On the other hand, everyone checks the CCTV footage of the carnival which makes Amrita the suspect while Bhavani tries to defend her but in vain as Bhavani tells them that the money bag is in their house.

Further, Jahaan and Babita argue while Dildar requests Jahaan to leave due to Babita's condition after which Virat feels broken but Amrita asks Shekhar to continue the investigation and try to find what happened with Babita after carnival as then she would be able to prove her innocence which shocks Kavita.

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