Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 20th March 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 20th March 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye episode starts with Amruta and Virat tangled in the cloth while Dildaar and Bhavani try to untangle it and Abhiraj makes their video.

Meanwhile, she asks Virat why he cut the power supply as Virat says that he did not do this and adds that this is not his style to take revenge while Babita thinks to herself that she and Ishika had cut the power supply and she won't ever know the truth.

Babita and Dildaar go as Abhiraj comes and talks sweetly to her and goes while Amruta says bye to him.

Concurrently, Virat gets furious as Amruta does not believe that he did not do it while Shekhar says that whoever is behind this plan hates either Amruta or Virat as Virat suspects Abhiraj.

Subsequently, Amruta sneaks into Virat's bathroom and loosens the tap while Virat enters the bathroom and finds Amruta there.

Amruta asks him not to come near her as he accidentally turns in the shower while he asks her what she wants to do as he pulls her closer.

She tells him that she wants Jahan's house back and his apology for what he did.

Amruta calls him confused saying that he gets her in trouble and then saves her from it while she falls in his arms.

They make eye contact while Abhiraj clicks their picture and thinks that this is the start of Virat's end.

Elsewhere, Babita wonders who took over Amruta's home while Ishika thinks to herself that she did it but Babita won't ever get to know while Babita suggests getting Amruta married and Ishika agrees.

Later, Shekhar says to Virat that the meeting was good and they might get the deal done while she realizes Virat is lost and Virat says that he is fed up with Amruta's fake blame and says that he will take revenge on her while Amruta stands there and listens to all this.

Just then, he realizes that Amruta is behind him and says that she only wants to know what is going on in his life while Amruta refuses and says to Shekhar that Virat is out of his mind.

Virat leaves while Shekhar offers her his vacant flat while Amruta thanks him but says that she can't live in his home for free and adds that she wants to give Jahan her house back.

Shekhar defends Virat saying that Virat has done nothing as she adds that whatever he does to her family, he will have to face the same.

Elsewhere, Bhavani cooks good for everyone and they have food while they talk and Harsh says that once Amruta gets a job, they will finally leave Ahuja's home while Ahujas have food as Babita wonders what they might be cooking.

Deepika is sure that they must be having something that is not tasty and must be fighting over food.

Babita gets a text from Ishika planning something against the Chitnis as she hears their laugh.

In the meantime, Chitnis' family enjoys with Jahan but they start coughing because of the smoke.

Dildaar gets suspicious as Babita asks him to focus on the food and Babita goes to call Virat.

Subsequently, Jahan faints and Amruta breaks the glass of Virat's door and brings Jahan in while she gives her water and cleans the glass as Abhiraj offers to help.

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